Hall of Legends: How to nominate your favorite MPL PH player

Are you a fan of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional (MPL PH)?

Perhaps there’s a player whose skills and gameplay have caught your attention. If you wish to nominate them for the Hall of Legends, follow these simple steps.

**1. Familiarize Yourself with the Nomination Process**

The MPL PH Hall of Legends is an annual event where fans can recognize their favorite players’ exceptional contributions to the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang scene. To nominate a player, visit the official Facebook page of MPL Philippines and look for the post related to the Hall of Legends nomination.

**2. Prepare Your Evidence**

To make your nomination strong, gather evidence that highlights your chosen player’s exceptional skills and impact on the team or the scene.

This can include:

**Gameplay clips:**

Share gameplay footage that showcases their strategic decisions, hero mastery, and impressive plays.
**Statistics:** Use MPL PH statistics to demonstrate their consistent performance throughout the season.
**Testimonials:** Ask teammates, coaches, or fans for quotes or messages expressing their admiration for the player.

**3. Craft Your Nomination Statement**

Write a clear and concise statement explaining why your nominee deserves recognition.

Use the following template as a guide:

"[Player Name] has been an integral part of [Team Name/MPL PH scene] this season. Their impressive [skills, gameplay, leadership, etc.] consistently contributed to [team wins, personal achievements, or positively impacting the community]. By nominating them for the MPL PH Hall of Legends, we acknowledge their dedication and exceptional talent in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.".

4. Submit Your Nomination

Once you have gathered all your evidence and crafted a compelling statement, head to the MPL Philippines Facebook page and follow these steps to submit your nomination:

  1. Locate the Hall of Legends post.
  2. Write a comment under the post with your nomination statement and the link to the video or screenshots (if applicable).
  3. Tag the player and their team (if applicable) in the comment.

5. Spread the Word!

Encourage others to nominate their favorite players as well. The more support a player receives, the better their chances of being recognized in the Hall of Legends. Share your own post about your nomination and encourage others to do the same.

In conclusion, following these steps will allow you to make a strong and effective nomination for your favorite MPL PH player in the Hall of Legends. Remember, this is your opportunity to acknowledge their hard work and dedication to the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang scene.