How strong is new hero Valentina in Mobile Legends patch 1.6.34?

Mobile Legends’ newest hero, Valentina, is a Fighter type mage who made her debut in patch 1.6.34. With her unique abilities, she brings both crowd control and damage to the battlefield.

Ability Analysis

Valentina has three main abilities:

  1. Passive – Shadow Step: Valentina’s passive ability grants her increased movement speed while sneaking up behind enemies. This passive allows her to quickly pursue targets and position herself for optimal use of her skills.
  2. Skill 1 – Shadow Claw: A short-range dash that deals damage and pulls enemies towards Valentina, making it an excellent ability for initiating fights or repositioning during team engagements.
  3. Skill 2 – Dark Contract: Valentina summons a shadow that follows her around, dealing damage to enemies that come near. This skill also provides a shield to allies within its range when cast, making it a versatile tool for both offense and defense.
  4. Ultimate – Shadow of Death: Valentina’s ultimate ability is a dash in the form of a wave of shadow, dealing area damage and leaving behind a trail of darkness that slows enemies who step into it. This ultimate is ideal for crowd control and applying pressure on enemy teams during team fights.

Role and Playstyle

Valentina’s role can be compared to heroes such as Aurora or Harith, filling the position of a mage fighter with crowd control abilities. She excels in initiating engagements, controlling the battlefield, and applying consistent damage to enemies. Her kit allows for both aggressive and supportive playstyles, making her a valuable addition to any team composition.

**Summary: Strengths and Weaknesses**

Valentina’s unique abilities make her a formidable hero in Mobile Legends with crowd control capabilities and damage output. However, she requires careful positioning and timing to maximize her potential. Additionally, her reliance on her passive ability for mobility can leave her vulnerable in certain situations. When used effectively, Valentina is an excellent addition to any team composition, capable of turning the tide of a battle with her crowd control and damage output.