How to counter Diggie in Mobile Legends

Hello there! I see you’re having trouble dealing with Diggie in Mobile Legends. Worry not, as I’m here to help you out. In this guide, we’ll discuss effective strategies and hero picks that can counter Diggie’s abilities and playstyle.

Understanding Diggie

First, let’s briefly talk about Diggie’s strengths and weaknesses. Diggie is a roamer and mage hero who excels in crowd control and burst damage.

His kit includes:

  1. Passive – Digging Tunnel: Diggie digs a tunnel to gain vision and movement speed.
  2. Skill 1 – Drill: Diggie drills the ground, dealing damage and slowing enemies.
  3. Skill 2 – Mine: Diggie lays down a mine that explodes when an enemy approaches.
  4. Ultimate – Cave In: Diggie summons a meteor shower followed by an area of effect (AOE) collapse, dealing massive damage and crowd control.

Countering Diggie’s Crowd Control

To counter Diggie’s crowd control, consider heroes with mobility and immunity abilities:

  1. Alucard: His passive grants him a shield that absorbs the first enemy ability, while his skill 2 allows him to dash in and out of team fights.
  2. Harith: Harith’s ultimate provides a significant movement speed boost and immunity to crowd control effects.
  3. Gusion: Gusion’s kit includes several abilities that provide mobility and evasion, making it challenging for Diggie to keep up with him.

Countering Diggie’s Burst Damage

To counter Diggie’s burst damage, focus on heroes with crowd control, sustain, or tankiness:

  1. Lunox: Her passive grants her invulnerability when she is not dealing damage to enemies, making it difficult for Diggie to land his skills effectively. Additionally, her skill 2 can silence enemies, preventing them from using their abilities.
  2. Mina: Mina’s ultimate provides a shield and heals teammates, while her passive allows her to gain energy when enemies are around her. This sustainability can help keep her alive during Diggie’s burst damage attempts.
  3. Grock: With his high health pool and crowd control abilities, Grock can absorb Diggie’s damage and keep the enemy hero at bay.


There you have it! By understanding Diggie’s kit and picking heroes that complement your playstyle, you’ll be well on your way to countering this tricky roamer in Mobile Legends. Remember, communication with your team is essential when dealing with Diggie, as his crowd control can disrupt team fights if not managed properly.