How to create more teams in Genshin Impact

Greetings, traveler!

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for ways to create more teams in the beautiful world of Genshin Impact. With such a vast roster of characters, each possessing unique abilities, crafting the perfect team composition can significantly enhance your adventures in Teyvat.

**Why Create Multiple Teams?**

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty details, let’s discuss why having multiple teams is beneficial. The answer is simple: elemental synergy and strategic versatility. Different team compositions can exploit various elemental reactions and provide a more effective response to various enemy types. Furthermore, having alternate teams allows you to tackle various challenges in the game without worrying about character fatigue or energy management.

**Recruiting New Members: Wishing and Farming**

The first step in creating new teams is expanding your roster by acquiring new characters.

There are multiple ways to obtain new characters, such as:

Wishing: Utilize the game’s gacha system, which offers both standard banners and limited-time event banners, to wish for your favorite characters or desired roles. Remember that obtaining desirable characters relies on luck, so be prepared for potential disappointment but never lose hope!
Farming: Complete various in-game activities, such as daily commissions, exploration, and boss fights, to earn Primogems, the in-game currency used in wishes. Farming can save you a significant amount of real money if you choose not to spend on wishing.

**Character Synergy: Crafting Effective Teams**

Now that you’ve expanded your roster let’s discuss how to create effective teams.

Keep these essential factors in mind when forming new teams:

**Elemental Synergy:**

Combining characters with complementary elements can lead to powerful synergies, such as Geo and Pyro for the Vaporize reaction or Hydro and Electro for the Electro-Charged reaction.

**Role Complimentarity:**

Each character possesses a specific role in your team, such as a healer, damage dealer, or tank. Consider which roles you lack in your current teams and focus on acquiring characters that can fill those gaps.

**Example Team Compositions**

To illustrate the importance of effective team compositions, let’s explore two example teams:

1. **Anemo-Geo Duo:** Diluc (Pyro) and Xingqiu (Hydro), with Mona (Cryo) and Ningguang (Geo) as support characters. This team excels in vaporizing Geo enemies, granting bonus Pyro damage and healing through the Swirl and Bloom reactions.
2. **Healing Team:** Xiangling (Pyro), Qiqi (Anemo), and Diona (Cryo). This team focuses on keeping characters alive by providing consistent healing, shielding, and crowd control through various abilities and elemental reactions.

**Conclusion: Enhancing Your Genshin Impact Experience**

Creating more teams in Genshin Impact not only broadens your adventurous horizons but also allows for strategic versatility and enhanced gameplay experiences. Remember to consider elemental synergy and role complementarity when crafting new teams, and don’t hesitate to explore various character combinations to find the perfect fit for your playstyle.