How to jungle invade in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Welcome, brave junglers!

Today we’ll dive into the art of jungle invading in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. This tactic can grant you a significant advantage over your enemies, but it requires strategic planning and execution.

Let’s get started!

Why Invade the Jungle?

Jungle invading is an essential part of securing an early lead in the game.

By invading the enemy jungle, you can:

  1. Deny Experience: Steal enemy camps to prevent them from leveling up and gaining gold.
  2. Secure Camps: Secure your own camps efficiently, ensuring a swift start for your laner.
  3. Gain Gold: Farm the enemy jungle for valuable resources, including gold and buffs.
  4. Create Pressure: Apply pressure to lanes by forcing the enemy to defend their jungle or react to ganks.


Before invading, ensure you have the following:

  1. Champion Selection: Choose a hero with good mobility and clear crowd control abilities.
  2. Buff Timing: Know when the enemy jungler usually ganks or takes camps to avoid conflicts.
  3. Ward Placement: Place wards around your jungle entrance and potential enemy invasion paths.
  4. Itemization: Have essential items ready, such as a Tank set for durability or Hunter’s Emblem for increased jungle efficiency.

Invading Techniques

  1. Stealthy Invades: Use your hero’s stealth abilities to sneak into the enemy jungle unnoticed and secure camps quickly.
  2. Ganking Invades: Coordinate with your team to catch an enemy in a vulnerable position and take their camps while they’re distracted.
  3. Aggressive Invades: Rush into the enemy jungle with high crowd control abilities and damage output, aiming to eliminate the enemy jungler or secure as many camps as possible.

**Case Study: Harith**

Harith, the Marksman Assassin, is an excellent example of a champion capable of successful jungle invading. With his kit featuring stealth abilities and high burst damage, he can quickly secure enemy camps before disappearing into the shadows.


Jungle invading in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang requires careful planning and execution. By denying experience, securing camps efficiently, gaining gold, and creating pressure, you’ll gain an early lead in the game. Remember to prepare wisely, choose the right techniques for your champion, and always stay alert for enemy counter-plays.