How to play mage in Mobile Legends: A beginner’s guide


Hello, aspiring mages! Welcome to this comprehensive guide on how to play a mage hero in Mobile Legends, designed specifically for those just starting their journey into the world of mobile MOBA. With an extensive roster of magical champions at your disposal, you’ll soon discover that mastering a mage can be both rewarding and exhilarating.

Understanding Mage Heroes

Mage heroes are one of the three main classes in Mobile Legends, renowned for their ability to deal substantial magical damage to enemies. Their spells often provide crowd control, debuffs, and area-of-effect damage, making them versatile and essential contributors to any team composition.

Choosing Your First Mage Hero

When selecting your first mage hero, consider factors such as playstyle, ease of use, and synergy with other heroes. Some popular beginner options include Alice, Harith, and Aurora. These heroes possess a balanced set of abilities and offer a gentle learning curve.

Fundamentals of Playing Mages in Mobile Legends

  1. Lane Control: Most mages excel at controlling their lanes, ensuring a steady gold and experience advantage over enemy champions. Use your abilities to secure last hits on creeps and deny enemies from doing the same.
  2. Buy Items Wisely: Prioritize items that enhance your magical damage output, mana sustainability, or mobility, such as Magic Wand, Abyssal Tome, and Enchanted Talisman.
  3. Rotate and Assist: As a mage, your presence is needed in various parts of the map to secure objectives and support teammates. Use your abilities to clear waves quickly and then rotate to gank or assist other lanes.

Mastering Advanced Techniques

  1. Combos and Synergies: Learn how to effectively chain your abilities for maximum damage output. Some mages, like Kagami or Odion, possess unique synergies between their skills that can deal massive burst damage when executed correctly.
  2. Ultimate Usage: Save your ultimate ability for crucial moments, such as securing objectives, initiating team fights, or escaping danger.
  3. Mobility and Positioning: Mastering the art of positioning is essential for mages. Use your abilities to control space, avoid enemy skillshots, and set up favourable engagements for your team.

**Summary: Embrace Your Inner Magician!*


With this comprehensive guide under your belt, you’re now prepared to embark on the magical journey of mastering a mage hero in Mobile Legends.