How to unlock the full Sumeru map in Genshin Impact v3.0

Sumeru, the land of knowledge and wisdom, is a captivating region in Genshin Impact filled with archaeological sites, vibrant flora, and enigmatic creatures. To fully explore this mesmerizing place, you’ll need to unlock its entire map. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to achieve just that.

  1. Finding World Quests

The first step to unlocking the full Sumeru map is by completing World Quests. These quests are marked as purple dots on your map and can be accessed from the Quest menu (M). Completing these quests will not only reward you with valuable resources but also gradually reveal more of the map.

Example: Let’s say you have a World Quest located in the Ruin of the Perch. By completing this quest, you’ll unlock new areas within the Ruin, granting access to previously hidden chests and secrets.

  1. Unlocking Statues of the Seven

Another way to expand your map is by finding and activating Statues of the Seven. These ancient monuments serve as beacons that broadcast the influence of the seven gods. To activate a Statue, interact with it using an Anemo character (like Mona or Lisa). Doing so will not only reveal nearby locations on your map but also grant Adventure Experience and other rewards.

Example: The Statue of the Seven in Sumeru can be found at the foot of the great stone pillar in the heart of Sumeru City. Activating this statue will grant you a significant boost in exploration progress, revealing hidden paths and previously uncharted territories.

  1. Clearing World Bosses and Boss Chests

Defeating World Bosses and claiming their associated Boss Chests is another way to unlock new areas on the map. These bosses are usually located at landmarks and provide a significant challenge, but the rewards are worth it. The chests often contain valuable resources, weapons, or even new characters!

Example: In Sumeru, you can find the Samadhi Statue of the Elephant King located in the northwestern part of the region. Defeating this World Boss and claiming its corresponding chest will grant you access to new areas around the statue, revealing previously hidden treasures and secrets.

  1. Climbing Sumeru’s Landmarks

Climbing towering structures like statues and cliffs is yet another way to unlock more of the map in Sumeru. Many of these locations offer stunning views of the surrounding landscape and often provide new paths or shortcuts that lead to previously unexplored areas.

Example: The Clockwork Marionette located at the east end of Sumeru City offers an excellent vantage point for exploring the region. Climbing this statue will grant you access to a hidden path leading to a secret area filled with valuable resources and ancient knowledge.

In conclusion, unlocking the full Sumeru map in Genshin Impact requires a combination of exploration, quest completion, Statue activation, and boss defeat. By following these steps and maintaining a curious mind, you’ll not only discover new secrets but also deepen your understanding of this fascinating region.