I’m here to help answer any queries you might have regarding the DeathAdder V3 Pro Faker Edition by Marlon “Faker” Lee, a world-renowned League of Legends esports player. If you’re looking to buy this special edition mouse and want to know more about it, then you’ve come to the right place.

**What is the DeathAdder V3 Pro Faker Edition?


The DeathAdder V3 Pro Faker Edition is a customized gaming mouse designed in collaboration between Razer and Marlon “Faker” Lee. This limited-edition mouse features a sleek black design with gold accents, representing Faker’s iconic in-game appearance and success.

**Unique Features of the DeathAdder V3 Pro Faker Edition**

1. **Exclusive Design:** The DeathAdder V3 Pro Faker Edition boasts an exclusive design that sets it apart from other gaming mice. Its black finish is adorned with golden accents, making it a desirable collector’s item for fans of Faker and Razer.

2. **High-Performance Sensor:** Equipped with Razer’s 5G Advanced Sensor, this mouse offers exceptional accuracy and responsiveness for competitive gaming. It tracks movements at speeds up to 20,000 DPI with on-the-fly sensitivity adjustments, providing you the edge you need in-game.

3. **Customizable Buttons:** The DeathAdder V3 Pro Faker Edition offers 11 programmable buttons that can be easily customized using Razer Synapse software. This allows you to tailor your mouse to your preferred gaming style, optimizing your gameplay experience.

4. **Comfortable Ergonomics:** The DeathAdder V3 Pro Faker Edition is ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip during long gaming sessions. Its textured side grips ensure a firm hold while reducing hand strain, enabling you to perform at your best consistently.


In summary, the DeathAdder V3 Pro Faker Edition by Razer and Marlon “Faker” Lee is a beautiful, high-performance gaming mouse that boasts an exclusive design, customizable buttons, and comfortable ergonomics. With its advanced sensor technology, you’ll be able to outmaneuver your opponents with pinpoint accuracy and lightning-fast responsiveness. If you’re a fan of Faker or looking for a top-tier gaming mouse, this special edition is an excellent investment that won’t disappoint!


1. **Is the DeathAdder V3 Pro Faker Edition suitable for left-handed users?** Yes, the ergonomic design of the DeathAdder V3 Pro Faker Edition can accommodate both right-handed and left-handed users, allowing you to customize the button layout according to your preference.
2. **What is Razer Synapse software, and how does it benefit me as a user?** Razer Synapse software is an advanced configuration tool that allows users to easily customize their Razer devices, including assigning macros, creating personalized profiles, and managing battery life and lighting effects. This software ensures that the DeathAdder V3 Pro Faker Edition remains a versatile and adaptable tool for all your gaming needs.