Is Gord underpowered? You be the judge of MPL PH Season 12

Is Gord underpowered in MPL PH Season 12? Let’s delve into this query by examining Gord’s hero stats, abilities, and role in the current meta.

Gord’s Stats and Abilities

First, let’s take a look at Gord’s basic stats:
















Gord has three abilities:

1. **Passive – Boulder Toss


Gord’s basic attacks throw boulders, dealing damage and slowing enemies hit.
2. **Q – Stone Rain


Gord summons a rain of boulders that deals area damage over time.
3. **W – Shielding Cry


Gord creates a shield that absorbs damage for himself and nearby allies.
4. **E – Boulder Roll


Gord rolls forward, dealing damage to enemies in his path and stunning them.
5. **R – Earthquake


Gord shakes the ground under enemy heroes, causing them to be stunned and taking damage.

**Gord’s Role in the Meta**

In the current MPL PH Season 12 meta, tank heroes like Gord are often picked for their crowd control abilities and ability to absorb damage. However, some players argue that Gord is underpowered compared to other tank heroes due to his lack of mobility and limited escape mechanisms.

For instance, heroes like Tigreal or Balenos have abilities that allow them to move around the battlefield effectively while providing crowd control and tanking capabilities. In contrast, Gord relies on his Boulder Roll for mobility and is less effective in controlling the crowd compared to other tank heroes.

**Summary: Is Gord Underpowered?**

Upon examining Gord’s stats, abilities, and role in the current meta, it seems that he may be considered underpowered by some players due to his limited mobility and crowd control capabilities. However, it is essential to remember that every hero has unique strengths and weaknesses, and a skilled player can still make Gord a valuable contribution to their team.

Moreover, the meta constantly evolves, and new strategies and hero picks emerge as the season progresses. It would be interesting to observe how Gord performs in various team compositions and metas throughout MPL PH Season 12.