JD Gaming wins LPL Summer 2022 finals off a macro decision

In the recent LPL Summer 2022 finals, JD Gaming emerged as the champions, outsmarting their opponents with a series of clever macro decisions. Let’s delve into some key instances that showcased their strategic prowess and propelled them to victory.

1. Vision Control

JD Gaming excelled in securing vision control around their jungle and enemy camps, ensuring they could anticipate ganks and rotations. By placing wards smartly, they denied valuable information from their opponents, often leading to successful engages and objectives.

For instance, during Game 5, JDG secured the dragon with a surprise engage, taking advantage of their vision control around the pit. Their foresight allowed them to outmaneuver FunPlus Phoenix and secure a crucial objective that turned the tide of the game.

2. Map Pressure and Objective Control

JD Gaming consistently applied pressure on multiple lanes and objectives, forcing their opponents to react and potentially overextending themselves. This proactive approach yielded significant rewards, as JDG frequently snatched up uncontested objectives like turrets, dragons, or heralds.

Take Game 3 for example, where JDG successfully counter-ganked the enemy jungler in their own jungle while simultaneously securing a dragon. The ensuing teamfight resulted in an aces and a significant advantage for JDG, effectively putting them in the driver’s seat for the remainder of the game.

3. Team Composition and Synergy

JD Gaming’s champions picks and synergy played a pivotal role in their victories. Their team compositions were tailored to secure objectives, control vision, and maintain a strong engage capability. Moreover, they displayed impeccable coordination between laners and supports, resulting in effective engages and split pushing opportunities.

In Game 1, JDG’s composition of Riven (Top) – Leona (Support) – Kaisa (Mid) – Senna (Support) – Gnar (Jungle) enabled them to secure a Baron buff with a well-timed engage during a teamfight. The synergy between their champions proved decisive, as the ensuing Baron buff significantly boosted their team’s power and morale.

Summary: JD Gaming’s Macro Decisions Define Their LPL Summer 2022 Finals Victory

JD Gaming’s strategic macro decisions, centered around vision control, map pressure, and team composition synergy, proved instrumental in their LPL Summer 2022 finals victory. These aspects of their gameplay allowed them to capitalize on opportunities, secure crucial objectives, and outmaneuver their opponents, solidifying their position as the champions of the league.