LCK free agents 2024 tracker: All players in free agency

Welcome, esports enthusiasts! I’m thrilled you’re interested in the LCK (League of Legends Champions Korea) free agency scene for 2024. In this article, we’ll explore the most notable players set to hit the market next year.

Let’s dive right in!

1. Faker (Lee Sang-hyeok): The living legend and arguably the greatest League of Legends player of all time. Having spent his entire professional career with T1, Faker is rumored to be exploring free agency for the first time in 2024. With an impressive track record of four World Championships and multiple MVP awards, the question on everyone’s mind is: where will Faker land next?

2. Deft (Park Rajin): Another T1 veteran, Deft has been a consistent force in the LCK mid lane for years. Known for his mechanically sound play and versatility, Deft has expressed interest in exploring new opportunities in 2024. His departure from T1 could shake up the mid lane landscape.

3. Rascal (Heo Jae-hoon): A rising star in the LCK jungle scene, Rascal’s performances with Gen.G have earned him a spot on this list. Having made it to the World Championship finals alongside his teammates, Rascal is considered a promising free agent for 2024. His decision will significantly impact the teams vying for his signature.

4. Teddy (Hong Jin-seo): A consistent top laner with experience playing for Gen.G and DWG KIA, Teddy has proven himself as a valuable asset in the LCK. With teams looking to strengthen their rosters ahead of 2024, Teddy’s free agency could result in some exciting moves.

5. Smeb (Kim Yoo-sung):: A former World Champion and veteran player, Smeb is exploring free agency for the second time in his career after a brief stint with DRX. With an extensive resume and vast experience, Smeb’s choice will undoubtedly have ripple effects on the teams involved.

6. GorillA (Kim Eu-jin): A veteran support player known for his impressive vision control and game sense, GorillA has been a vital piece of numerous LCK rosters over the years. With rumors circulating about his departure from T1, the question is: which team will benefit from GorillA’s expertise in 2024?

In conclusion, these six players – Faker, Deft, Rascal, Teddy, Smeb, and GorillA – are just a few of the many LCK free agents to watch out for in 2024. Their decisions could significantly impact their teams and the overall landscape of the LCK.