McDonald’s sponsors MPL Singapore, diamonds up for grabs

When it comes to sponsorships, McDonald’s, the globally recognized fast-food chain, never disappoints. In particular, their partnership with Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) in Singapore through the Mobile Legend Professional League (MPL), offers an exciting opportunity for fans and gaming enthusiasts alike. Let’s delve deeper into the collaboration between McDonald’s and MPL Singapore, as well as the tantalizing rewards up for grabs.

A Symbiotic Partnership: McDonald’s and Mobile Legends in Singapore

The partnership between McDonald’s and Mobile Legends in Singapore started with a bang, quite literally. In late 2020, the two brands announced their collaboration to bring an immersive gaming experience to customers and fans. McDonald’s became the official food partner of MPL Singapore, allowing players to enjoy their favorite menu items while they compete in tournaments or simply unwind after a hard-fought game.

**Rewards Galore: Diamonds Up for Grabs at McDonald’s**

Now, onto the heart of the matter – the tantalizing rewards up for grabs! McDonald’s has generously offered Mobile Legends players exclusive in-game items as a token of their appreciation. By purchasing any menu item priced above SGD $6 (approx.

USD $4.5) at participating McDonald’s outlets in Singapore

, customers receive a unique code via SMS or printed on their receipt. These codes grant access to special rewards within MLBB.

**Unlocking the Rewards: In-Game Treasures Await**

The in-game goodies include exclusive hero skins, emblems, and banners for players to flaunt their McDonald’s partnership pride. One such example is the "Golden Arches Emblem," which proudly displays the iconic golden arches symbol on players’ profiles. By collecting these special items, not only do players enhance their gaming experience but also showcase their dedication to both brands.

A Winning Combination: McDonald’s and Mobile Legends in MPL Singapore

In conclusion, McDonald’s and Mobile Legends have created a winning combination that offers an engaging experience for fans of both brands. The sponsorship not only provides players with exclusive rewards but also strengthens the bond between McDonald’s and its customers through this innovative collaboration. So, the next time you find yourself craving a Big Mac or a Chicken McNuggets meal while playing Mobile Legends, remember that you could be just one purchase away from unlocking your next in-game treasure!

**Embrace the Symbiotic Relationship:

McDonald’s, MPL Singapore, and You**

In today’s fast-paced world, partnerships like this between McDonald’s and Mobile Legends offer a unique way for brands to connect with their audiences. By embracing these collaborations and taking advantage of the rewards on offer, fans can enjoy the best of both worlds – delicious food and an immersive gaming experience.