Minsitthar revamp is a nightmare for mobile MLBB heroes

If you’re a dedicated Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) player, you might have noticed that one hero in particular has recently undergone a significant transformation – Minsitthar. The revamp of this hero has left many players puzzled and curious about the changes. In this text, we’ll explore what’s new with Minsitthar, how it affects his gameplay, and some strategies to make the most out of these updates.

**Table of Contents:**

  1. What’s New with Minsitthar?
  2. Impact on Gameplay: Offense and Defense
  3. Effective Strategies for Playing Revamped Minsitthar

1. What’s New with Minsitthar?

Molsanna, the noble prince of the Archer Clan, has been redesigned to become Minsitthar, the Warrior Monk. His role has changed from being a Marksman hero to a Fighter hero, which brings about several modifications in his abilities and skills.

Let’s take a closer look:

Passive Ability: "Sacred Oath" – Minsitthar gains an Energy Shield that absorbs damage, increasing as he deals damage to enemies. The energy recharges when not in combat.
First Skill: "Resolute Stance" – Minsitthar gains a temporary shield and increases his physical and magical defense.
Second Skill: "Sweeping Kick" – Minsitthar performs a powerful kick, dealing damage to enemies in a line. The skill now also knocks back enemies, making it useful for crowd control.
Third Skill: "Heavenly Swiftness" – Minsitthar dashes forward and gains movement speed for a brief period.
Ultimate Skill: "Divine Judgment" – Minsitthar charges up energy and then deals damage to enemies in an area, slowing them down and marking them for additional damage.

2. Impact on Gameplay: Offense and Defense

Minsitthar’s revamp has both positive and negative effects on his gameplay. On the offensive side, he now possesses strong crowd control abilities through "Sweeping Kick" and "Divine Judgment." Additionally, his passive ability, "Sacred Oath," provides an energy shield that absorbs damage, making him more durable in team fights.

However, Minsitthar’s offensive potential might not be as high compared to his previous version, especially when it comes to dealing consistent damage. Players will need to focus on utilizing his crowd control abilities effectively and maximizing the synergy with his team to contribute positively to a match.

Defensively, Minsitthar has become more robust, with "Resolute Stance" providing a temporary shield that increases his physical and magical defense. The energy recharge from his passive ability also gives him an advantage during prolonged fights.

3. Effective Strategies for Playing Revamped Minsitthar

To get the most out of revamped Minsitthar, consider these strategies:

  1. Team Composition: Pair Minsitthar with heroes that can effectively deal damage to enemies, as his primary role now is crowd control and support.
  2. Item Build: Consider building defense items to maximize Minsitthar’s durability in team fights, such as "Immortality" or "Magic Wand."
  3. Emblem Set: Choose an emblem set that complements his skills, such as the "Assassin" emblem set for the bonus attack speed and critical chance to enhance his "Heavenly Swiftness" skill.
  4. Positioning: Be mindful of your positioning during team fights; use Minsitthar’s abilities effectively to control the battlefield, especially when it comes to crowd control and shielding allies with his passive ability.
  5. Mastery Levels: Maximize your mastery levels on Minsitthar’s skills to fully understand their potential and optimize their usage.

In conclusion, the revamp of Minsitthar in MLBB brings about a unique set of challenges and opportunities for players. By understanding his new abilities and gameplay mechanics, as well as implementing effective strategies, you can make the most out of this iconic hero in your Mobile Legends: Bang Bang matches.