MLBB pro RSG Irrad is so fast, he go pro in Rubik’s Cube too


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Today we delve into an intriguing exploration of the life and accomplishments of MLBB pro player, RSG Irrad. While he is renowned for his lightning-fast reflexes and strategic gameplay in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB), did you know that he also holds a professional title in Rubik’s Cube competitions? In this text, we’ll unravel the fascinating story behind Irrad’s impressive speed and agility in both gaming arenas.

**Background: MLBB Prodigy**

RSG Irrad, whose real name is Irfan Anindya, started his professional career in MLBB around 2018. His natural talent for the game was quickly noticed by fans and peers alike, with his remarkable skills in jungling and ganking showcased in numerous tournaments. In 2020, Irrad became a member of Team RSG, which has since seen great success under his leadership.

**A Hidden Talent:

Rubik’s Cube Mastery**

However, Irrad’s prowess does not end in the virtual world. His exceptional hand-eye coordination and problem-solving abilities extend beyond MLBB, as evidenced by his mastery of the Rubik’s Cube. This seemingly unrelated hobby earned him the title of a professional Rubik’s Cuber in various competitions.

**The Connection: Speed and Agility**

Both MLBB and Rubik’s Cube require quick decision-making, hand-eye coordination, and problem-solving skills. For Irrad, his dedication to improving his abilities in both areas has resulted in impressive accomplishments in both gaming worlds.

**Examples: MLBB In-game Achievements**

In MLBB, Irrad’s skillful plays have been documented in numerous highlight videos, such as his infamous “Zhao Yun solo kill on a full-HP Layla” or his “stunning team fight with Kagura.” These examples demonstrate his ability to react quickly and adapt to the ever-changing situations in the game.

**Examples: Rubik’s Cube Competition Successes**

In Rubik’s Cube competitions, Irrad has achieved numerous accolades, including top finishes in various local and national events. For instance, he finished 3rd place in the Indonesian National Cubing Championship in the 3x3x3 WCA event in 2019. These achievements highlight his ability to solve complex puzzles under time pressure.

**Conclusion: A Multifaceted Gaming Sensation**

In summary, MLBB pro player RSG Irrad’s impressive speed and agility translate seamlessly between the virtual world of gaming and the real-world Rubik’s Cube competitions. His dedication to mastering these skills has led him to achieve great successes in both areas. As fans, we are continually amazed by Irrad’s abilities and excited to see what he will accomplish next.