Mobile Legends Aamon guide: Best build, emblems, combos

**Welcome Mobile Legends Enthusiasts!*

* today we’ll delve into the intricacies of mastering Aamon, the mighty knight hero. If you’re looking for the best build and emblems to optimize his abilities, let’s get started!


Aamon excels as a tank and initiator, making him an excellent frontliner. A full Tank Build is recommended, with the following items: 1. Brute Force Breastplate, 2. Atk Speed Glasses, 3. Immortality, 4. Sun Shield, 5. Thunder Belt, and 6. Heart of Steel or Divine Glaive.


For Emblem Set, go with the Tank Emblem. The Sub-Emblem setup should be: 1. Defense, 2. Agility, and 3. Support. These choices will boost Aamon’s survivability, mobility, and crowd control.


Aamon has powerful abilities that can turn the tide of a battle.

Here are some effective combos to utilize:

  1. Ultimate (Revenge) +

    Skill 1 (Bold Swing):

    After activating Revenge, quickly use Bold Swing for additional damage and crowd control.

  2. Skill 1 (Bold Swing) + Ultimate (Revenge): Use Bold Swing first to stun enemies, then unleash Revenge to deal massive area damage and heal yourself.
  3. Ultimate (Revenge) + Skill 2 (Thunder Shock): Activate Revenge, then follow up with Thunder Shock for additional crowd control and damage.


Mastering Aamon in Mobile Legends requires a solid understanding of his abilities and the right build and emblems to maximize his potential as a frontline tank and initiator.

With these tips, you’ll be able to lead your team to victory!

Don’t forget that practice makes perfect – keep refining your strategies and you’ll soon become an Aamon expert.