Mobile Legends Atlas guide: Best build, emblem, combos

Greetings, valiant warriors!

Today we delve into the intricacies of mastering the Atlas hero in Mobile Legends, a versatile and formidable tank. Herein, you’ll discover the best build, emblem set, and essential combos to dominate the battlefield.

**1. Atlas:

The Unyielding Guardian**

Atlas is an initiator tank hero renowned for his crowd control abilities and impressive survivability. His unique passive, "Bullrush," empowers him to charge through enemies upon entering the fray, stunning and dealing damage.

2. Best Atlas Build

Optimizing Atlas’ build involves balancing defensive and offensive items to enhance his crowd control and tanking capabilities.

A suggested item sequence includes: Tough Boots > War Cry >

Brute Force Breastplate >

Frozen Heart >

Divine Glaive > Oracle >

Magic Wand.

3. Emblem Set for Atlas

Emblem choices can significantly impact your hero’s performance. For Atlas, the following emblem set is recommended: Agility (Fleet Feet) > Defense (Safeguard) > Fate (Magic Warden). This combination boosts his movement speed and survivability while enhancing crowd control with abilities.

4. Combos: The Power of Synergy

Mastering Atlas’ combos is essential for optimal performance.

Here are some effective sequences to employ during team fights:

  • Ultimate (Thunderbolt) >

    Skill 1 (Bull Charge) >

    Skill 2 (Charging Thunder)

  • Skill 3 (Roar of Thunder) >

    Ultimate (Thunderbolt)

  • Ultimate (Thunderbolt) >

    Skill 1 (Bull Charge) >

    Skill 2 (Charging Thunder) >

    Basic Attacks

By employing these combos, you’ll maximize Atlas’ crowd control potential and deal significant damage to enemy heroes.

In conclusion, by understanding the best build, emblem set, and mastering Atlas’ combos, you’ll transform into a formidable force on the battlefield.