Mobile Legends Brody: Buy these 3 best items to shine bright

Greetings, Mobile Legends enthusiasts!

Today, we delve into the exciting topic of enhancing our favorite hero, Brody, by exploring the top three items that can help him shine bright on the battlefield. Let’s embark on this journey together.

**1. Blade Armor:**
The first item on our list is the Blade Armor. This defensive item provides Brody with 600 HP and 32 Magical Protection, ensuring that he can withstand those pesky magical attacks from opponents. Furthermore, the passive ability of this item grants Brody a 15% damage reduction whenever his HP falls below 30%. Thus, enabling him to stay in the fray longer and deal devastating damages to enemies.

**2. Brute Force:**
Next up, we have the Brute Force. This tanky item provides an impressive 650 HP, 110 Physical Defense, and 40 Magic Resistance. The main attraction of this item lies in its passive ability, which enhances Brody’s basic attacks, dealing true damage to enemies based on their missing HP percentages. With the Brute Force in his arsenal, Brody becomes an unstoppable force, leaving opponents trembling in fear.

**3. Thunder Belt:**
Last but not least, the Thunder Belt is a must-have item for any Mobile Legends Brody player. This item grants 250 HP and 120 Magic Resistance, making it perfect for enhancing Brody’s survivability in team fights. Moreover, its passive ability provides Brody with a 20% increased movement speed whenever he is hit by an enemy, allowing him to swiftly dodge attacks while closing the gap on enemies to deal damage.


In conclusion, equipping Brody with the Blade Armor, Brute Force, and Thunder Belt can significantly boost his capabilities on the battlefield. These items not only enhance his survivability but also augment his offensive prowess, enabling him to take down enemies efficiently while ensuring his team’s success.