Mobile Legends Floryn guide: Best build, skills, emblem

*Table of Contents:*

  1. Floryn’s Best Build
  2. Skills Overview and Sequence
  3. Emblem Recommendations
  4. Conclusion: Unleashing the Power of Floryn

1. Floryn’s Best Build

Floryn, the enchanting berserker in Mobile Legends, is a versatile hero that can deal both physical and magical damage.

To effectively harness her potential, we suggest the following build:

*Emblem:* Warrior Emblem (Agility)

*Battle Spell:* Retreat or Purification

Items: 1. Brute Force Breastplate, 2. Blade of Despair, 3. Immortality, 4. Wind of Nature, and 5. Atk Speed Boost

This build focuses on Floryn’s attack speed and survivability, making her a formidable damage dealer while ensuring she stays alive in team fights.

2. Skills Overview and Sequence

Understanding the synergy of Floryn’s skills is essential to mastering this hero:

1st Skill (Q): Enchanted Strike: A passive skill that increases her attack damage based on her missing HP. It also deals a small amount of damage to enemies in front of her when attacking.

*2nd Skill (W): Enchanted Fury:

Floryn charges forward, dealing damage and stunning enemies in her path. The cooldown is reduced whenever she uses her 3rd or ultimate skill.*

*3rd Skill (E): Whirling Blades: Floryn spins around, attacking enemies multiple times and leaving behind a trail of flames that deal damage over time to enemies walking through it.*

*Ultimate (R): Enchanted Retreat: A dash ability that deals damage and heals Floryn. It also briefly makes her invulnerable to crowd control effects when activated.*

Use the following sequence for optimal skill usage: E > Q > W > R > Q > E.

**3. Emblem Recommendations**

Emblems can significantly impact a hero’s performance.

For Floryn, we recommend the Agility Emblem setup as follows:

*Agility Talent 1: Lethality (Max)*

*Agility Talent 2: Observation (2nd level)*

*Agility Talent 3: Vampirism (Max)*

*Support Talent 1: Agility (1st level)*

*Support Talent 2: Agility (1st level)*

*Support Talent 3: Magicality (1st level)*

4. Conclusion: Unleashing the Power of Floryn

In conclusion, with the optimal build, skill sequence, and emblem setup, you’ll be well on your way to mastering the captivating berserker, Floryn. By focusing on her attack speed and survivability, you’ll effectively balance her damage output while ensuring she stays alive in team fights.