Mobile Legends Granger guide: Best build, items, emblems

**Build: The Foundation**

Greeting, Mobile Legends enthusiasts!

Today, we delve into mastering Granger, a versatile hero known for his ability to deal massive damage and provide crowd control. Let’s discuss the best build to maximize his potential.

Granger is primarily an Assassin with marksman abilities, requiring a balance between attack speed, critical chance, and penetration.

Our recommended build includes:

  1. Blade of Despair – For additional physical attack damage and lifesteal.
  2. Critical Glasses – To boost critical strike chance.
  3. Malefic Roar or Rapid Boots – Depending on your playstyle: Malefic Roar for crowd control or Rapid Boots for mobility and attack speed.
  4. Bloodlust Amulet – For extra lifesteal and critical chance.
  5. Tough Boots or Defense Boots – For survivability.
  6. Wind of Nature or Glowing Wand – Final item: Wind of Nature for damage, or Glowing Wand for mana management and additional abilities.


Now let’s examine each item in detail:

  1. Blade of Despair: Enhances Granger’s attack power while providing lifesteal to sustain his health during team fights.
  2. Critical Glasses: Crucial for increasing critical strike chance, ensuring more damage is inflicted on enemies.
  3. Malefic Roar (or Rapid Boots)**: Malefic Roar adds crowd control and damage, while Rapid Boots provide mobility and attack speed.
  4. Bloodlust Amulet: Bolsters lifesteal and critical chance for sustained health and damage output.
  5. Tough Boots (or Defense Boots): Enhances survivability by increasing defense attributes.
  6. Wind of Nature (or Glowing Wand)**: Finishes the build with additional damage or mana management, depending on your playstyle.


To further enhance Granger’s abilities, choose emblems wisely:

  1. Agility: Maximizes attack speed and critical chance for optimal damage output.
  2. Warrior: Enhances Granger’s survivability with extra health and attack damage.
  3. Support: Utilize the talents to boost crowd control abilities and additional movement speed.

By following this build and emblem setup, you’ll unlock Granger’s full potential in Mobile Legends, delivering devastating damage while providing valuable crowd control for your team.