Mobile Legends Harith guide: Best build, skills, emblem, combos

Hello there, welcome to our Mobile Legends guide for Harith, the agile and powerful Marksman hero!

Best Build

Firstly, let’s discuss Harith’s optimal build. The recommended items for him are: 1. Wind of Nature (Boomstick), 2. Recurve Bow, 3. Calamity Reaper, and 4. Blade of Despair or Immortality (depending on the situation).


Harith excels in dealing damage from a distance using his basic attacks and skills.

Let’s explore each skill:

  1. Passive Skill – Wild Hunt: Harith gains movement speed when attacking enemies outside of turret range, making him an excellent chaser and escaper.
  2. Q Ability – Savage Strike: A short-range melee attack that deals damage to enemies in a fan shape. Use it for last hits or for mobility.
  3. W Ability – Venom Shot: Harith shoots a venomous arrow, dealing damage over time to the enemy hit and slowing them down. Perfect for harassing enemy heroes during laning phase.
  4. E Ability – Dash: Harith dashes in a straight line, which is useful for escaping or chasing enemies, or positioning for skillshots.
  5. R Ability – Ultimate – Blood of the Hunt: Harith charges up an attack, dealing area damage and applying a debuff that increases enemy’s movement speed, making them easier to hit. Use it during team fights or when pursuing low health enemies.


For emblems, use the Agility emblem page for maximum mobility and attack speed. The Talent points distribution should be: 10% in Agility, 25% in Attack Speed, 35% in Movement Speed, and 30% in Critical Strike.


Harith’s combos can vary depending on the situation, but a common one is: Savage Strike >

Venom Shot >

Dash > Blood of the Hunt. This combo deals damage, applies debuffs, and has good mobility options.

*In conclusion, Harith is an excellent marksman hero in Mobile Legends with high mobility, good damage output, and crowd control abilities. Experiment with different item builds and skill combos to find your playstyle and master this agile hunter.