Mobile Legends Harley guide: Best build, skills, emblem

Hello there, Mobile Legends enthusiasts! Today we will delve into the exciting world of Harley, one of the most popular heroes in this beloved mobile game. In response to your queries, we will cover her best build, skills analysis, and emblem suggestions to help you maximize Harley’s potential on the battlefield.

Best Build for Harley

Harley is a Mage hero with an agility role, making her a unique and versatile character.

To optimally harness her abilities, we suggest the following build:

  1. Warlock’s Scepter:

    Enhances Harley’s magic power

    and provides mana sustain.

  2. Magic Wand: Increases Harley’s magical attack and ability to deal true damage.
  3. Hecate’s Owl: Boosts Harley’s movement speed and attack range for superior mobility and crowd control.
  4. Sorcerer Boots:

    Enhances Harley’s magic power

    and provides tenacity, improving her survivability.

  5. Blood Wings: Provides additional attack speed and movement speed, making Harley more agile in battle.
  6. Divine Gloves: Boosts Harley’s magical attack and ability to deal true damage.
  7. Heart of Recovery: Enhances Harley’s health regeneration, ensuring she stays in the fight longer.

Harley’s Skills Analysis

  1. Passive – Magical Chef: Increases Harley’s magic power when hitting enemies with consecutive attacks or abilities. Maximize this passive by landing continuous hits on enemies.
  2. Skill 1 – Shining Bullet: A long-range skill shot that deals magical damage and slows enemies hit. Use it to harass enemies from a safe distance or control crowd movement.
  3. Skill 2 – Sap Trap: Harley lays a trap which, when an enemy steps on it, deals magic damage over time and immobilizes them for a short duration. Perfect for disrupting enemy movements and setting up team engages.
  4. Ultimate Skill – Bouncing Bullet: A powerful skill that fires a bullet in a forward direction that bounces off enemies, dealing magical damage each time it hits an enemy. Use it to take out multiple enemies at once or to secure kills during team fights.

Emblem Suggestions for Harley

  1. Emblem Set: Magical Wizard: This set increases Harley’s magic power and mana regeneration, enabling her to deal more damage and sustain herself in longer battles.
  2. Mage Emblem: The Magic Penetration talent will help Harley deal more true damage to enemy heroes with high magical defense, making her a more effective damage dealer.
  3. Agility Emblem: The Agility talents (Attack Speed and Movement Speed) will increase Harley’s mobility and attack speed, allowing her to land more skill shots and apply crowd control more frequently.

With this comprehensive guide on the best build, skills, and emblems for Mobile Legends Harley, you are now equipped to unleash her full potential on the battlefield.