Mobile Legends Khaleed guide: Best build, skills, emblem

**Welcome, Mobile Legends Enthusiasts!*

* Today we’ll delve into the intricacies of mastering Khaleed, the Blade Monk, and unravel the mysteries behind his best build, skills, and emblem setups.

**Table of Contents:**

1. **Best Build for Khaleed**
2. **Skills Analysis: Unsheathed Sword (USS) & Whirling Chop (WC)**

3. **Emblem Recommendations**

**1. Best Build for Khaleed**
To optimize Khaleed’s potential, let’s explore the ideal build that emphasizes his strengths and mitigates his weaknesses.

**Essential Items:**

1. War Axe
2. Blade Armor
3. Brute Force Breastplate
4. Immortality
5. Thunder Belt (optional) or Athena’s Shield (vs heavy burst heroes)


War Axe for the attack speed and physical damage, while Blade Armor enhances Khaleed’s survivability with armor and magic resistance. Brute Force Breastplate further boosts his survivability and adds additional physical defense. Immortality provides a second chance, ensuring Khaleed can continue wreaking havoc on the battlefield. Thunder Belt or Athena’s Shield are situational items based on the enemy team composition.

**2. Skills Analysis: Unsheathed Sword (USS) & Whirling Chop (WC)**

**Unsheathed Sword (USS):**

Passive ability that increases Khaleed’s attack speed and physical damage as he takes damage, making him more formidable in team fights.

**Whirling Chop (WC):**

A skill that deals physical damage to enemies in front of Khaleed and knocks them back, creating space for his allies and allowing him to reposition during engagements.

**3. Emblem Recommendations**
Emblem sets can be customized based on your preferred playstyle, but here’s a solid recommendation:

**Assassin Emblem:**

1. Agility: Agility for Khaleed is crucial as it increases his attack speed and movement speed, enabling him to quickly traverse the battlefield and engage enemies.
2. Swiftness: Swiftness emblem focuses on increasing Khaleed’s movement and attack speed, enhancing his mobility and initiating capabilities.
3. Observance: Lastly, Observance provides additional vision range and cooldown reduction, granting Khaleed better map awareness and improved skill usage.

By following this Mobile Legends Khaleed guide, you’ll be well on your way to mastering this Blade Monk and dominating the ranks! Stay tuned for further insights into other heroes and game strategies.