Mobile Legends Nana guide: Best build, skills, emblem, combo

Greetings, Mobile Legends enthusiasts! Today, we’ll delve into the intricacies of mastering the enchanting mage hero, Nana. This comprehensive guide covers her optimal build, skills, emblem set-up, and combos to help you dominate the battleground.

**Table of Contents:**

  1. Nana:

    Best Build

  2. Mastering Her Skills
  3. Emblem Set-up for Nana
  4. Devastating Combos with Nana

1. Nana:

Best Build

To maximize Nana’s abilities, we recommend the following build:

  • **Magic Shoes:**

    For increased mobility and attack speed

  • Rod of Tahuti: Enhances her magical power for greater burst damage
  • Sorcerer’s Staff: Boosts her magical power and mana regeneration
  • **Enchanted Wand:** Adds a significant amount of magical power

  • **Amulet of the Magi:** Increases her mana pool and magic penetration

  • **Blade of Despair:**

    Inflicts additional physical damage, perfect for securing kills

2. Mastering Her Skills

Nana’s abilities are as follows:

  • 1st Skill – Pure Cultivation: Heals and grants shield to allies, excellent for initiating team fights or supporting allies during engagements.

    * **2nd Skill – Crystal Rain:**

    A powerful Area of Effect (AOE) skill that deals magic damage to enemies and slows them down. Ideal for crowd control.

    * **3rd Skill – Thunderbolt:**

    A single-target skill that deals massive magic damage and stuns the target, useful for taking down key heroes or securing kills.

    * **Ultimate Skill –

    Heavenly Sword


    Unleashes a powerful sword strike that damages enemies in its path, while also granting vision to allies, making it perfect for initiating ganks or securing objectives.

3. Emblem Set-up for Nana

For Nana, the Agility emblem set is ideal as it offers:

* **Agility:** Increases her movement speed and attack speed

* **Magic Worship:**

Enhances her magical power and mana regeneration

4. Devastating Combos with Nana

To unleash devastating combos with Nana, consider the following sequences:

  • **Combo 1:**

    Crystal Rain >

    Thunderbolt > Pure Cultivation

  • This combo deals area damage, single-target damage, and heals allies while granting shields.

    * **Combo 2:** Thunderbolt >

    Crystal Rain >

    Heavenly Sword

  • This combo stuns an enemy, deals AOE damage, and slows enemies in its path, followed by a powerful sword strike for massive damage.


With this comprehensive Mobile Legends Nana guide, you’ll be well-equipped to unleash her full potential on the battleground! Mastering her build, skills, and combos will elevate your gameplay experience and contribute significantly to your team’s success.