**Mobile Legends Patch 1.8.30: A Comprehensive Overview**

Introducing the Significant Updates in Mobile Legends’ Latest Patch

**Table of Contents:**

  1. New Hero: Eudora
  2. Hero Adjustments



  3. Map Adjustments
  4. Gameplay Improvements
  5. Bug Fixes
  6. New Features and Events

1. New Hero: Eudora

Meet the latest hero to join Mobile Legends’ roster, *Eudora*!

A Marksman hero with a unique passive ability that grants her increased attack speed when attacking creeps in the jungle. With her kit focusing on crowd control and mobility, she is sure to bring excitement to both Ranked and Casual matches.

**2. Hero Adjustments**



Basic Attack damage increased at all levels.
**Fanny:** Increased movement speed while in Jungle.


**Layla:** Decreased attack range and damage.
**Wanwan:** Reduced damage dealt by her ultimate.

**3. Map Adjustments**

The following changes have been made to the map:

**New Jungle Camps:**

Introducing new camps, providing additional gold for junglers.
**Bounty Rune:** Reworked to offer more strategic depth.

**4. Gameplay Improvements**

Some adjustments have been made to enhance the overall gameplay experience:

**Adjusted Spell Casting:** Improved casting animation for some spells, allowing for more precise positioning.

**Improved UI:**

An updated interface, making it easier for players to access crucial information.

**5. Bug Fixes**

A list of bugs that have been addressed:

Fixed a bug where certain heroes could gain an extra life during Ranked Matches.
Resolved an issue where some abilities were not dealing their intended damage.

**6. New Features and Events**

Lastly, a new event has been added to Mobile Legends: the *Battle Spirits Event*. Players can collect spirits from participating in battles and use them to unlock exclusive rewards.

In conclusion, patch 1.8.30 brings an assortment of changes to the game. New heroes, hero adjustments, map modifications, gameplay improvements, bug fixes, and a new event keep Mobile Legends fresh and exciting for players.