Mobile Legends Roger guide: Best build, skills, emblems

Welcome, dear Mobile Leggers! Today, we delve deep into mastering the art of playing Roger in Mobile Legends. This comprehensive guide covers the best build, skills, and emblems to help you dominate the battlefield.

Best Build for Roger

Roger is a versatile hero with immense potential for dealing both physical and magical damage.

For optimal performance, we recommend the following build:

  1. Warrior Boots: For early game survivability and movement speed.
  2. Blade Armor: Provides additional defense and physical attack power.
  3. Tough Shoes: Increases movement speed for chasing down enemies.
  4. Emblem of Despair (Agility): Amplifies Roger’s attack speed and critical damage.
  5. Brute Force Breastplate/Anti-Magic Wand: Based on the enemy composition, choose either defensive or offensive item to strengthen your build further.
  6. Bloodthirsty Amulet: Enhances Roger’s lifesteal ability and damage output.
  7. Heart of Steel: For additional health and survivability.

Mastering Roger’s Skills

Understanding how to effectively utilize Roger’s abilities is crucial for success. Here’s a brief description of each skill, followed by suggested usage.

  1. Passive – Wukong’s Blessing: Enhances physical attacks and reduces enemy attack speed. Maximize the passive as soon as possible for overall improvement in combat efficiency.
  2. Q – Wukong’s Command: Deals damage and marks enemies, enhancing subsequent abilities. Use this skill to initiate engagements or control enemy positioning.
  3. W – Wukong’s Guard: A shield that absorbs damage for a short duration. Perfectly timed usage of Wukong’s Guard can save you from potentially deadly situations.
  4. E – Wukong’s Cyclone: An area-of-effect (AOE) skill that damages and disables enemies, making it excellent for crowd control. Use it during team fights to disrupt the enemy’s positioning or to escape when surrounded.
  5. R – Wukong’s Mercy: A powerful ultimate that deals heavy damage and heals allies within its area of effect. Utilize this skill to secure kills, turn the tide of a battle, or support your team in crucial moments.

Choosing the Right Emblems for Roger

Emblems are a crucial aspect of enhancing your hero’s abilities.

For Roger, we suggest the following emblem setup:

  1. Warrior Emblem: Agility branch. Prioritize attack speed and critical damage to amplify Roger’s DPS potential.
  2. Support Emblem: Defense branch. Focus on hp regeneration for added survivability and sustain in team fights.
  3. Fighter Emblem: Agility branch. Maximize your attack speed to deal more damage per second, especially during extended skirmishes or prolonged team fights.

By implementing this suggested build, mastering Roger’s skills, and selecting the appropriate emblems, you will undoubtedly elevate your gameplay and contribute significantly to your team’s victories in Mobile Legends.