Mobile Legends tank Chou guide: Best build, emblems, combos

Hello there! If you’re a Mobile Legends player looking to master the art of playing Tank Chou, then you’ve come to the right place. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover Chou’s best build, emblems, and combos to help you dominate the battlefield.

Best Build for Tank Chou

When it comes to building Tank Chou, prioritizing defense and crowd control is key.

Here’s a suggested item build order:

  1. Brute Force Breastplate – For additional HP and damage reduction.
  2. Abyssal Mask – Provides Magic Resistance and mana regen.
  3. Bulwark Helm – Enhances your tanking ability with bonus HP and armor.
  4. Thunder Belt – Increases your energy recharge rate for faster ultimate usage.
  5. Immortality – Essential for survivability, granting a revive after death.
  6. Magic Wand – Offers additional magic power and mana.

Tank Chou Emblems

Emblem choices can significantly impact your hero’s performance.

For Tank Chou:

  1. Warrior Emblem – Prioritize the Agility and Conquest sub-embles for increased attack speed, movement speed, and damage reduction.
  2. Support Emblem – The Magic and Protection sub-embles will enhance your defensive capabilities with bonuses to magic resistance and HP regeneration.

Tank Chou Combos

To maximize Chou’s potential as a tank, mastering his combos is crucial.

Here are some effective Chou combinations:

  • Basic Attack + Ultimate – Use your ultimate (Chou Ultimate Rage) to pull enemies towards you and follow up with basic attacks for extra damage.
  • Basic Attack + Q Ability (Bamboo Staff) – Q ability acts as a stun, allowing you to secure additional damage with your basic attacks during the duration.
  • Ultimate (Chou Ultimate Rage) + E Ability (Fierce Counter) – Use Fierce Counter while your ultimate is active for an enhanced knockback effect on enemies.

**Conclusion: Mastering Tank Chou in Mobile Legends**

With this guide, you now have the knowledge to build, emblem, and combo effectively with Tank Chou in Mobile Legends. Remember that practice makes perfect, so keep honing your skills and adapting to different team compositions and enemy strategies. Good luck on the battlefield!

"Your ultimate guide to mastering Mobile Legends’ Tank Chou: best build, emblems, and combos.