Mobile Legends Valir guide: Best build, skills, emblem

Greetings, Mobile Legends enthusiasts!

Today, we’ll delve into the intricacies of mastering Valir, one of the game’s most formidable tank heroes. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover Valir’s best build, skills analysis, emblem suggestions, and more!

**1. Valir’s Best Build: A Tank’s Dream**

Valir is a versatile tank hero, capable of providing crowd control, damage mitigation, and initiating team fights.

To maximize his potential, we recommend the following build:

* **Tank Emblem:**

Prioritize Agility and Defense for increased survivability and mobility.

* **Warrior Boots:**

For added tenacity and movement speed.

* **Ronin Plate:**

Provides HP, armor, and magic resistance.
* **Brute Force Breastplate:** Increases HP and physical defense.
* **Magic Wand:** Grants bonus mana and magic power for supportive abilities.

* **Glowing Wand:**

Enhances the healing capabilities of Valir’s skills.

**2. Valir’s Skills: A Masterclass in Control**

Valir’s kit offers a combination of crowd control, damage reduction, and mobility.

Let’s examine each skill in detail:

* **Passive – Battle Cry:**

Valir’s basic attacks deal bonus magic damage and reduce the cooldown of his next ability.

* **First Skill – Warrior’s Cry:**

A conical area of effect (AOE) skill that deals damage, slows enemies, and stuns them. Perfect for initiating team fights or controlling enemy positioning.

* **Second Skill – Battle Roar:**

Valir charges forward, dealing damage to enemies in his path and knocking them back. A powerful initiation or chase tool.
* **Third Skill – Thunderclap:** Valir slams the ground, creating a shockwave that deals area damage and stuns enemies. Useful for crowd control during team fights or securing objectives.
* **Ultimate – Battle Drums:** Valir summons three drumming soldiers that follow him and deal continuous damage to enemies in their area of effect. An excellent tool for both offense and defense, as it provides additional crowd control, damage output, and a layer of protection for allies.

**3. Emblem Recommendations: Balancing Defense and Agility**

Valir’s role is that of a tank, so prioritizing defensive stats is crucial. However, a balance between agility and defense is necessary to ensure mobility and survivability.

We recommend the following emblem set for Valir:

* **Agility:** 6 points in Agility for increased movement speed and tenacity.
* **Defense:** 10 points in Defense for increased health, armor, and magic resistance.
* **Support:** 2 points in Support for increased healing received.
* **Fighting:** 2 points in Fighting for a slight increase in attack damage and attack speed.

In conclusion, Valir is a versatile tank hero capable of controlling the battlefield through crowd control and survivability.