MPL PH S8 will likely be franchise-based, says Nexplay’s Akosi Dogie

Query 1: What does it mean for MPL PH S8 to be franchise-based?

Answer: In esports, a franchise model refers to a league structure where teams are permanently affiliated with their respective cities or organizations. This system provides stability and consistency, allowing fans to follow their favorite teams throughout the season. For MPL PH S8 (Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Philippines Season 8), this means that each team will represent a specific franchise, likely tied to a city or organization.

Query 2: What are the advantages of a franchise model in esports?

Subheading 1: Stable rosters and community engagement

Answer: A stable roster is crucial for teams to build synergy and develop strategies that can lead to success in competition. Franchise models provide this stability by securing players’ contracts for longer periods, ensuring consistency within a team. Additionally, having a permanent affiliation with a city or organization allows for stronger community engagement, as fans can identify more closely with their teams.

Subheading 2: Investment opportunities and revenue sharing

Answer: Franchise models also offer investment opportunities for organizations, both in terms of acquiring a team and building infrastructure to support it. Revenue sharing between league organizers and franchise teams is another key benefit, as it incentivizes long-term commitment and growth within the esports ecosystem.

Query 3: Which teams are likely to be franchised in MPL PH S8?

Answer: While specific team announcements have not been made yet, we can look at the performance of previous MPL PH seasons to make some educated guesses. Teams like Bren Esports, T1, and Nexplay Solid have consistently demonstrated strong results, making them prime candidates for franchise spots in MPL PH S8. Additionally, teams with a solid fanbase and organization behind them, such as Work Auster Force and RSG Philippines, are also likely contenders.

Query 4: How will the franchise model impact MPL PH S8’s competitive landscape?

Answer: The implementation of a franchise model in MPL PH S8 is expected to bring more stability and consistency to the league. This could lead to a more competitive landscape, as teams have the resources and support needed to invest in their rosters and infrastructure. Additionally, the emphasis on long-term commitment may encourage teams to focus on sustainable growth rather than short-term gains, ultimately benefiting the overall health of the league.

Closing: In conclusion, the shift to a franchise model for MPL PH S8 is an exciting development for the Philippine esports scene. With advantages like stable rosters, investment opportunities, and community engagement, this new structure promises to elevate the competitive landscape and create a more sustainable ecosystem for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang in the Philippines.