MPL PH’s reigning champions are returning as Aura PH

Welcome, dear audience!, today we’ll delve into the exciting world of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional Philippines (MPL PH) and discuss the returning champions from Aura PH.


Firstly, let me brief you about MPL PH. It is the premier competitive league for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang in the Philippines. This tournament features the best teams and players in the country, competing against each other for the coveted title of champion.

**Aura PH:

The Reigning Champions**

Now, onto our topic! Aura PH is the current champions of MPL PH, having won the Season 8 finals on March 21, 2023. This team comprises eight exceptional players who have displayed impressive skills throughout the tournament.

The Powerhouse Lineup

Here’s a brief introduction to each member of Aura PH:

  • Baldy (Rafael Ferrer): The team’s main tank and initiator, Baldy is known for his exceptional crowd control and initiating abilities.
  • Rekan (Mikee Reyes): A versatile mage player, Rekan has a remarkable ability to adapt to various team compositions and situations.
  • Jaypee (John Paul Ocampo): The team’s marksman, Jaypee is an expert in dealing damage from long ranges and securing kills for his team.
  • KDG (Renzio Dela Cruz): A skilled roamer and support player, KDG excels at controlling the pace of the game and providing crucial assists to his teammates.
  • Natsumi (Luisito Abadiano): The team’s second marksman, Natsumi is an expert in bursting down enemies with her accurate aim and strategic positioning.
  • Xornalizus (James Eran Labada): A flexible jungler and initigator, Xornalizus has a knack for securing objectives and setting up ganks for his teammates.
  • Ch4k3r (Joseph Victor Dela Cruz): The team’s support, Ch4k3r is an expert in crowd control and setting up powerful combos with his teammates.
  • Ribo (John Paul Laurel): A reliable initiator and tank player, Ribo has a strong presence both defensively and offensively, often leading the charge for his team.

The Road to Victory

Throughout MPL PH Season 8, Aura PH demonstrated exceptional teamwork, synergy, and individual skills that propelled them to victory. They outmaneuvered their opponents with strategic rotations, masterful ganks, and powerful engages.


In conclusion, Aura PH is a formidable force in the MPL PH scene, boasting a lineup of talented players who complement each other perfectly. Their journey to victory has been an inspiring one, showcasing the power of teamwork, determination, and skill in competitive Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. We’ll be eagerly anticipating their future performances and the new challenges they will undoubtedly overcome!

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