ONE Fight Arena: Embody ONE Championship’s martial artists

**Welcome to ONE Fight Arena:**

In this engaging and informative space, we’ll delve into the world of martial artists gracing the ONE Championship arena. Let’s begin by answering your query about some of the remarkable athletes you can find in this esteemed organization.

**Who are the standout martial artists in ONE Championship?**

ONE Championship is a dynamic and diverse martial arts organization where numerous combat sports collide, showcasing world-class athletes from various disciplines.

Here we highlight three exceptional individuals:

  1. Martin Nguyen: Hailing from Vietnam, Martin Nguyen is a multiple-time ONE Featherweight World Champion with a record of 14 wins and 4 losses. Known for his striking abilities and unyielding spirit, Nguyen has made history by becoming the first Vietnamese martial artist to win a world title in any major global combat sports organization.

  2. Aung La N Sang: Burmese-born Aung La N Sang is a versatile fighter with a professional mixed martial arts record of 27 wins and 10 losses, currently holding the ONE Light Heavyweight and Middleweight World Championships. With a background in various martial arts styles like Kyokushin Karate, Muay Thai, and wrestling, Aung La N Sang is truly a force to be reckoned with on the ONE Championship stage.

  3. Stamp Fairtex: The talented Stamp Fairtex is a two-sport athlete representing Thailand in both Muay Thai and kickboxing. With an impressive record of 105 wins, 7 losses, and 2 draws in Muay Thai and a professional mixed martial arts record of 4 wins and 1 loss, Stamp Fairtex is a dominant force in her respective domains, making her an undeniable presence within ONE Championship.


ONE Championship has become a hub for world-class martial artists from diverse backgrounds and disciplines. The aforementioned individuals are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the talented roster present in this esteemed organization. Their accomplishments serve as an inspiration for aspiring athletes, as they showcase the heights one can reach with dedication, hard work, and unyielding determination.