Pokemon Unite Blissey guide: Builds, moveset, items, tips and tricks

**Welcome Pokémon Unite Trainers!*

* Today we’ll be diving deep into the world of Blissey, a supportive and healing Pokemon that excels in keeping her team alive and functioning at their best. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover builds, moveset, items, tips, and tricks to help you master this beloved character.


Blissey has various build options, but her primary role is to support her team with healing and shielding. One popular build includes the following items: *Healing Item (Sitrus Berry or Max Potions)*, *Defensive Item (Leftovers or Choice Specs)*, and *Offensive Item (Wise Glasses or Focus Sash)*.


Blissey’s moveset is designed to provide utility and support.

Her abilities are:

  1. Spa Healing Wave: Blissey releases a wave of healing energy, restoring the health of allied Pokemon in front of her.
  2. Heal Pulse: An ability that restores a small amount of HP over time for allied Pokémon within range.
  3. Nurture Song: A supportive move that boosts the special attack and special defense of allied Pokémon in a wide area.
  4. Guardian: Blissey enters a protective stance, absorbing damage instead of her teammates and restoring some health whenever she takes a hit.


As mentioned earlier, Blissey’s build often consists of a healing item, such as Sitrus Berry or Max Potions, to keep herself and her allies in top condition. A defensive item like Leftovers or Choice Specs is essential for survivability, while an offensive item like Wise Glasses or Focus Sash can provide additional damage output.

**Tips and Tricks:**

  1. Positioning: Blissey should always be near her team to provide them with the best support possible.
  2. Healing prioritization: Always focus on healing your damage dealers when they’re low on health to maximize their output.
  3. Use Nurture Song before a team fight or engagement to give your team an edge.
  4. With Guardian active, position yourself in the front line during engagements to absorb damage and protect your allies.
  5. Be mindful of your mana usage; save some for crucial moments in the game.
  6. Communicate with your team about when to engage and disengage to make the most of Blissey’s abilities.


In conclusion, mastering Blissey requires a strong understanding of positioning, timing, and team dynamics. With the right build, moveset, and items, you can effectively support your team and turn the tide of any battle.