**Query 1: What’s new in Patch 12.12 for Bel’Veth?**

Bel’Veth, the Empress of the Void, is receiving some notable changes in Patch 12.12. She will see adjustments to her W – Unseen Predator and her ultimate – Hungering Rift.

  • W – Unseen Predator: Bel’Veth’s W now has a reduced duration of 6 seconds (from 8 seconds), but its cooldown has been lowered to 14 seconds (from 18 seconds). This change aims to make her W more flexible in team fights and skirmishes while ensuring it doesn’t grant an excessively long stealth duration.

    * **Ultimate – Hungering Rift:**

    The ultimate cooldown has been increased from 90 seconds to 120 seconds, with a longer cast time of 1.5 seconds (from 0.5 seconds). These changes are intended to make Bel’Veth’s ultimate less frequent and more thoughtfully utilized in team fights.

**Query 2: Any updates on Lucian in Patch 12.12?


Lucian, the Pilfered Power, is receiving some modifications in Patch 12.12 aimed at improving his early game presence and overall damage output.

* **Passive – Lethal Tempo:** Lucian’s passive now grants him 35 bonus attack speed (from 40) and 15% attack speed scaling with level (from 20%). These adjustments are intended to provide Lucian with a more consistent and powerful early game.
* **Q – Piercing Light:** Lucian’s Q will now deal true damage equal to 150% of its original damage (up from 125%) against enemy champions, providing him with a significant increase in his damage potential versus key targets.

* **R – Relentless Pursuit:**

The cooldown on Relentless Pursuit has been increased from 8 seconds to 10 seconds to offset the power granted by the other changes.

**Query 3: How about Viego in this patch?


Viego, the Serpent’s Embrace, is receiving some adjustments in Patch 12.12 that focus on his overall power level and W – Dire Avengers’ functionality.

* **Base Stats:**

Viego’s base attack damage has been increased from 56 to 58, while his base armor has been reduced from 31 to 30. These changes aim to provide Viego with a more balanced starting point in each game.

* **W – Dire Avengers:**

The Dire Avenger auto-attack bonus attack speed has been decreased from 20% to 15%, and their damage has been reduced by around 7%. These adjustments are meant to make Viego rely less on his W for early game power and more on his individual abilities.

* **R – World Unseen:**

The cooldown of World Unseen has been increased from 90 seconds to 120 seconds, giving enemies more time to react to Viego’s powerful ultimate.

**Query 4: Healing nerfs in Patch 12.12?


In this patch, Riot Games is addressing healing in League of Legends to ensure a more balanced and competitive gameplay experience. The following champions are seeing reductions to their healing abilities.

* **Galio:**

Galio’s W – Shield of Durability healing has been reduced by around 20%.
* **Mordekai:** Mordekai’s R – Maelstrom’s Grasp healing has been reduced by around 35%.
* **Nautilus:** Nautilus’s W – Docking Station and his Q – Hull Breaker passive heal have both been reduced in amount.

* **Soraka:**

Soraka’s W – Astral Blessing and R – Equinox healing abilities have been adjusted to scale less effectively with bonus healing items, ensuring that she isn’t overly reliant on these items for her healing output.

These changes are intended to create a more balanced meta by reducing the amount of excessive healing in the game and promoting more diverse champion picks and strategies.