Query 1: Why is Assassin Joy not a good fit for the Tank role in League of Legends?

Understanding Roles in League of Legends

Before we dive into why Assassin Joy isn’t suited for the Tank role, let’s clarify what each role entails in League of Legends.

* **Assassins:**

These champions excel at dealing high damage to enemy champions and are often built with lethality and critical strike items. Their primary focus is on eliminating key targets quickly.
* **Tanks:** Tank champions prioritize survivability, crowd control, and durability. They absorb damage from the enemy team, allowing their allies to deal damage safely.

**Assassin Joy’s Role: Assassin**

Assassin Joy is a champion with high mobility, stealth capabilities, and burst damage. Her kit includes abilities that allow her to jump in and out of fights, making her an ideal Assassin pick.

**Why Isn’t Assassin Joy a Good Tank?**

Despite having a significant amount of health and a crowd control ability, Assassin Joy is not a good fit for the Tank role due to several reasons:

1. **Lack of Crowd Control:** While her kit includes crowd control abilities, they are not as effective as dedicated crowd control champions like Alistar or Leona. This means that Assassin Joy would not be able to secure important engages and disengages as effectively as a dedicated Tank.
2. **Low Survivability:** Although she has a high amount of health, Assassin Joy’s defensive stats are relatively low compared to dedicated Tanks. She lacks the necessary armor and magic resistance that would allow her to withstand enemy damage.
3. **Inconsistent Damage:** Assassin Joy deals burst damage, which means that she deals a lot of damage in a short period but has little to no damage output otherwise. This inconsistency makes it difficult for her to contribute effectively to team fights as a Tank.
4. **Mobility:** While mobility can be beneficial for a Tank, Assassin Joy’s mobility is better suited for assassinating targets quickly and efficiently. Her mobility makes it challenging for her to stay in one place long enough to engage effectively in team fights.


In conclusion, while Assassin Joy may have some characteristics that could make her a viable Tank pick, the inconsistency of her damage output, lack of crowd control effectiveness, and low survivability make her a less than ideal choice for this role in League of Legends. Instead, she excels as an Assassin, where her mobility and burst damage can be utilized to their fullest potential.