Raiden Shogun materials: Best farming routes, locations

Welcome, travelers, to our comprehensive guide on obtaining the necessary materials for summoning Raiden Shogun in Genshin Impact. This esteemed Electro Archon is a formidable force, known for her divine thunderbolts and command over the elements. If you’re eager to add her to your roster, read on as we provide you with the best farming routes and locations for each material.

1. Lustrous Chest:

To obtain Lustrous Chest, head to Liyue Harbor. Venture southwest of the Statue of the Seven towards the Qixing Quan Pool. This is a well-known fishing spot, and you’ll likely find many players here. Use an Electro character or Talent Book to collect the chest.

2. Slime Congee:

You can obtain Slime Congee from Slivers of Consciousness. These can be found around Mondstadt, near the Statue of Swans. Defeat the Hilichurls and Geovishaps to collect Slivers of Consciousness, and cook the dish using any cooking pot.

3. Blessed Locket:

The Blessed Locket can be obtained from the Wanmin Reliquary. To reach this location, travel to Chinju Forest in Liyue Harbor. Inside the forest, locate the Fog-covered Ancient Statue and interact with it. Defeat the boss, and you’ll receive a Blessed Locket as a reward.

4. Sacrificial Fragment:

To farm Sacrificial Fragments, head to Mondstadt. Travel southwest of the city towards the Statue of Swans. Nearby, you will find a hill with Goblet Statues. Interact with these statues and defeat the enemies that spawn. Sacrificial Fragments have a chance to drop when you destroy these golems.

5. Jade Scraps:

For Jade Scraps, travel to the Sumeru Sands, specifically to the area near the Sangshu Garden. Look for Chests of Hidden Riches that are guarded by Leviathan Beetles. Defeat these beetles, and you’ll have a chance to obtain Jade Scraps from the chests.


In conclusion, travelers, these farming routes and locations provide ample opportunities for you to gather the materials required to summon Raiden Shogun. With persistence and dedication, your journey towards mastering the divine archon’s powers is within reach! May your adventures in Teyvat be fruitful and filled with glory.