RSG MY upset the defending champions to claim MPL MY Season 7

In the thrilling finale of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Malaysia Professional League (MPL MY) Season 7, RSG MY made history by defeating the defending champions, Todak. Let’s take a closer look at how this underdog team claimed the title and left their opponents in shock.

The Road to Victory

RSG MY began their journey in Group Stage B, where they proved their mettle by finishing atop the group with an impressive 10-2 win record. They continued to dominate in the Playoffs, securing victories against leading teams such as Resurgence and Team Saul.

**The Decisive Match: RSG MY vs Todak**

The stage was set for a grand finale between two formidable opponents: defending champions Todak and rising stars RSG MY. Both teams displayed exceptional gameplay, but it was RSG MY that managed to outmaneuver their adversaries in the end.

In Game 1, Todak took an early lead, but RSG MY did not falter. They strategically focused on neutral objectives, gaining a gold advantage and eventually taking down the enemy’s Lord and Towers. In the final team fight, RSG MY’s exceptional coordination and synergy shone through as they claimed victory with their carry hero, Kagami, dealing significant damage.

**A Game of Twists and Turns: Game 2**

Game 2 saw a more aggressive approach from both teams. However, Todak seemed to gain the upper hand when they managed to secure an early Baron buff. RSG MY was forced to play defensively as they tried to regain control of the game. In a dramatic turn of events, RSG MY’s midlaner, EON, displayed remarkable skill and took down Todak’s carry hero, Thamuz, in an epic 1vs5 battle. With renewed determination, RSG MY pushed forward and eventually secured victory in this nail-biting encounter.

Celebrating the Victory: A New Chapter Begins**

RSG MY’s triumph over defending champions Todak marks a significant milestone for the team. Their unwavering determination, excellent teamwork, and strategic prowess have solidified their place among the top teams in MPL MY. As they begin this new chapter, fans eagerly anticipate their continued success and growth within the competitive Mobile Legends scene.