RSG Sync explains how to play Harley jungle in the current meta

As a response to your query, I’d be happy to help you understand how to play Harley Quinn effectively as a jungler in the current League of Legends meta. Harley, with her kit and unique mechanics, brings a lot of depth to the jungle role, so let’s dive into the intricacies of her playstyle.

**Harley Quinn:

The Basics**

First, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with Harley Quinn’s abilities and passive:

  1. Q – Smite: Harley throws a mallet at an enemy or ward, dealing damage and stealing its buff if hit.
  2. W – Space (R): Euphoria!: Harley gains increased attack speed, movement speed, and ability to deal true damage for a short duration.
  3. E – Hammer Time (Passive): Every third basic attack Harley lands grants her a charge of "Hammer," which she can consume to gain additional attack range and attack damage.
  4. R – Wall Climb: Harley’s passive allows her to climb walls for a short distance, making her an excellent jungler with map control.

**Harley Quinn Jungle:

Early Game Strategy**

Early game in the jungle involves clearing your camps efficiently while preparing for ganks and securing scuttle crabs. Harley’s kit provides several advantages for early game success. For example, her smite ability allows her to steal enemy buffs, which can help deny the opposing jungler experience and gold.

To optimize your clear time, start at Red Buff and then proceed to Krugs or Raptors. After clearing your initial camps, head to Gromp and then Scuttle Crab. Remember that Harley’s wall climb passive enables her to traverse the map more efficiently than most other junglers.

**Harley Quinn Jungle:

Mid Game Strategy**

During mid game, focus on ganking lanes, securing objectives, and keeping vision around your jungle. Harley’s Euphoria ability makes her a formidable fighter in team fights, while her Hammer Time passive adds consistent damage to her auto attacks.

When ganking, try to surprise the enemy laner by approaching from their ward coverage or over walls using your wall climb. Ensure that you communicate with your team about your intentions and coordinate your ganks for maximum impact.

**Harley Quinn Jungle:

Late Game Strategy**

Late game is when team fights become more frequent, and Harley’s crowd control abilities shine. Use your Crowd Control (CC) to keep enemies in check and deny them from reaching their carries or key objectives.

Additionally, Harley’s ultimate ability, Euphoria!, provides an excellent initiating tool during team fights. By activating it at the right moment, you can turn the tide of a fight by dealing significant damage and controlling the enemy team’s movements.

**Summary: Harley Quinn Jungle in the Current Meta**

Harley Quinn is a versatile jungler with unique abilities that make her an excellent choice for players who enjoy map control, crowd control, and team fights. With proper clear efficiency, ganking strategies, and late-game impact, Harley can contribute significantly to her team’s success in the current League of Legends meta.

I hope this guide has provided you with a comprehensive understanding of how to play Harley Quinn as a jungler in the current League of Legends meta.