Sentinels TenZ: ‘Chamber is one of the best sentinels right now’

Sentinels TenZ: 'Chamber is one of the best sentinels right now'

If you’re a fan of Valve’s popular multiplayer game, Team Fortress 2, then you might be wondering which Sentinel is currently reigning supreme. Well, look no further than Sentinels TenZ, who has quickly become one of the best Sentinels in the game right now.

But why exactly is Chamber so effective? In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the reasons why Chamber is currently one of the most popular Sentinels and see how you can incorporate his unique abilities into your gameplay strategy.

Chamber: The Ultimate Defensive Sentinel

Chamber is a defensive-minded Sentinel that excels at shutting down enemy pushes. With his ability to place up to 10 turrets around the map, Chamber can quickly turn any area into a deadly trap for your enemies. Additionally, Chamber’s turrets are incredibly resistant to damage and can stay up for several minutes, making them an excellent choice for holding off enemy attacks.

But that’s not all. Chamber also comes equipped with a powerful melee weapon that allows him to deal significant damage to his enemies. This makes him a formidable opponent in close-quarters combat, especially when combined with his turrets.

The Power of Teamwork

Of course, no Sentinel is effective without the help of their teammates. And that’s where Chamber really shines. With his ability to place turrets anywhere on the map, Chamber can quickly set up a perimeter that will force your enemies to come through a narrow chokepoint. This makes it much easier for you and your teammates to take them out one by one.

Additionally, Chamber’s turrets can be used in conjunction with other Sentinel abilities to create even more deadly traps. For example, you could use the Demo’s Stickybombs in combination with Chamber’s turrets to create a devastating area of damage that will take out multiple enemies at once.

Real-Life Examples of Chamber’s Effectiveness

If you’re still not convinced of Chamber’s effectiveness, then let me give you an example. In the recent Major tournament, G2 Esports, which featured Sentinels TenZ, used Chamber extensively in their gameplay strategy. With his ability to place turrets around the map and deal significant damage with his melee weapon, Chamber was able to help G2 Esports secure several key objectives and take down multiple enemy Sentries.

In addition to G2 Esports, other top-level teams have also been using Chamber in their gameplay strategies. This shows that Chamber is a versatile and effective Sentinel that can be used in a variety of different situations.


Q: Can I use Chamber without a team?

A: While Chamber is certainly effective on his own, he really shines when used with a team. By working together with your teammates, you can set up deadly traps and take out multiple enemies at once.

The Power of Teamwork
Q: Is Chamber better than other Sentinels?

A: It’s hard to say whether Chamber is the best Sentinel or not, as it really depends on the specific situation and gameplay strategy. However, if you’re looking for a defensive-minded Sentinel that excels at shutting down enemy pushes, then Chamber is certainly worth considering.