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**Query: Side with Sentinels of Light or Ruination?

Which team aligns more with Riot Games’ core values?**


Understanding Riot Games’ Core Values 🌱💛

Riot Games, the creators of League of Legends, have always stood for certain core values that guide their team and community. These include passion, tenacity, and a commitment to inclusivity. Let’s explore how each side – Sentinels of Light and Ruination – aligns with these principles.

Sentinels of Light 🌞

The Sentinels of Light are the embodiment of hope, unity, and justice. They believe in protecting the innocent and upholding peace and harmony within their realm.

This alignment is evident in Riot Games’ core value of inclusivity:

Passion: The Sentinels’ unwavering commitment to justice represents the passion that drives Riot Games and their community.
Tenacity: Their determination to safeguard their realm shows the perseverance and grit inherent in Riot Games’ team spirit.
Inclusivity: The Sentinels’ focus on unity resonates with Riot Games’ commitment to creating a welcoming and diverse gaming environment for all players.

Ruination 🌫️

The Ruination, in contrast, is associated with chaos, destruction, and the unknown. Their actions are driven by the desire for change and transformation.

Let’s see how their principles align with Riot Games’ core values:

Passion: The Ruination embodies the passion of those who crave innovation and progress, mirroring Riot Games’ dedication to constantly evolving and improving League of Legends.
Tenacity: Their unyielding pursuit of change demonstrates the determination and resilience that Riot Games encourages in their team and community.
Inclusivity: While the Ruination may not appear as directly inclusive, their actions can create opportunities for growth and new experiences – an essential aspect of a diverse and thriving gaming ecosystem.

**Summary: Choose Your Side 🤝**

Both Sentinels of Light and Ruination have their unique qualities that align with Riot Games’ core values in various ways. Ultimately, it’s up to you – the player – to decide which side resonates more strongly with your personal gaming style and values. Regardless of your choice, remember that both sides contribute to a rich and dynamic League of Legends experience.