SKT kkOma made a mistake at Worlds 2016 that affected bengi

As we delve into the annals of League of Legends esports history, it’s essential to recognize that even the most accomplished teams encounter setbacks. In this analysis, we examine one of these missteps from SK Telecom T1 (SKT) during their World Championship 2016 campaign. Specifically, we’ll focus on an error made by coach kkOma, which had a ripple effect on the team’s performance and, in particular, affected the role of support player Bengi.

**The Fateful Decision: Banning Rek’Sai**

During Game 5 of the World Championship Semifinals against Samsung Galaxy (SSG), SKT made a decision that ultimately proved detrimental to their victory. In the Champion Select phase, with SSG banning Nidalee, kkOma decided to counterpick Rek’Sai for Bengi, believing it would give them an edge. However, SSG had prepared a surprise pick: Gragas for their jungler. With no way to ban Gragas, SKT was left without a viable answer for Samsung’s jungle pressure.

**Bengi’s Adaptation: From Support to Jungler**

As the game progressed, it became apparent that Bengi would need to adapt and fill the void left by the absence of effective jungler control. He swapped from his usual support role into the unfamiliar position of a jungler, attempting to secure vision, farm camps, and gank lanes whenever possible. Though he did manage to contribute significantly in this new role, his lack of experience and the unexpected nature of the situation left SKT’s early game vulnerable and put undue pressure on their top laner, MaRin, to carry.

**Consequences: Impact on Team Performance**

This decision ultimately affected the morale and overall performance of the team, as they went on to lose the semifinal match against SSG. The defeat was a bitter pill to swallow for SKT, who had dominated the competitive scene leading up to the tournament.

**Lessons Learned:

Adaptability and Communication**

The story of kkOma’s mistake at Worlds 2016 serves as a reminder of the importance of adaptability and effective communication within an esports team. It also highlights the significance of understanding your opponents and their strategies. While mistakes are inevitable, learning from them can lead to growth and improved performance.

**Summary: Embracing Imperfection in Esports**

As we reflect on this pivotal moment in League of Legends history, it’s crucial to remember that even the most successful teams experience setbacks. Rather than dwelling on kkOma’s error, we can learn from it and appreciate how valuable adaptability and open communication are for a team’s success. In the ever-evolving world of esports, embracing imperfection and using our collective experiences to grow is essential for continued progress and innovation.