SoloAim steals Lord and eliminates Cambodia at MPLI 2022


SoloAim is a professional Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) team, hailing from Indonesia. Established in 2018, the team has made a significant impact on the MLBB scene with their impressive gameplay and strategic approaches. SoloAim’s roster consists of experienced players, including Nathanael "Natha" Kesuma (Mage), Aditya "Ade" Putra (Assassin), Andika "Dika" Handoko (Fighter), Iqbal "Volt" Rizqi (Tank), and Eka "Zeke" Ramadhan (Support). The team’s unique playstyle, coupled with their synergy, has earned them numerous accolades in various MLBB tournaments.

Query 2: What are some notable achievements of SoloAim in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB)?


SoloAim’s impressive performances in the MLBB scene have resulted in several noteworthy achievements. They were the champions of MPL Indonesia Season 8, defeating Team Revenge in the final match. Moreover, they placed second in the M3 World Championship 2021, losing to Burmese Ghouls in a thrilling best-of-five series. SoloAim also secured third place at the M1 World Championship 2019. These accomplishments demonstrate their consistency and competitiveness within the MLBB community.

Query 3: How did SoloAim eliminate Cambodia in the MPL Indonesia Season 8 finals?


In the MPL Indonesia Season 8 finals, SoloAim faced off against Cambodia in a best-of-five series. The deciding match saw both teams showcasing their skills and strategies. SoloAim chose a composition featuring Kagami (Mage), Wanwani (Assassin), Gusion (Fighter), Thamuz (Tank), and Alfred (Support). In contrast, Cambodia opted for Lapu-Lapu (Mage), Harith (Assassin), Badang (Fighter), Baxia (Tank), and Digby (Support).

The game began with a tense standoff between the teams, neither side gaining significant ground. However, SoloAim’s Natha on Kagami made crucial plays throughout the match, effectively controlling the map and securing objectives for his team. This, in turn, allowed Ade on Wanwani to roam freely and create pressure on Cambodia’s side lanes. With solid teamwork and excellent communication, SoloAim managed to eliminate Cambodia and secure their victory.

Query 4: What can we learn from SoloAim’s elimination of Cambodia in the MPL Indonesia Season 8 finals?


SoloAim’s elimination of Cambodia in the MPL Indonesia Season 8 finals showcases the importance of map control, communication, and synergy within a team. Natha’s masterful use of Kagami allowed SoloAim to secure objectives and maintain pressure on Cambodia throughout the match. Ade’s role as a roamer created chaos for Cambodia, keeping their focus divided and allowing SoloAim to capitalize on opportunities.

Moreover, SoloAim demonstrated excellent communication and teamwork, ensuring that they were always aware of Cambodia’s movements and countered them effectively. This cohesive playstyle allowed SoloAim to outmaneuver their opponents and ultimately secure the victory. By studying teams like SoloAim, MLBB players can learn valuable strategies and techniques for improving their own team compositions and gameplay.