TheShy puts on his best birthday performance at Worlds 2023

When TheShy turned 28 on the world stage of League of Legends’ most prestigious tournament, he delivered a birthday performance for the ages.

Age is Just a Number

TheShy, a veteran player and the star AD Carry for FunPlus Phoenix, was not going to let his birthday go uncelebrated at the World Championship 2023. Despite the immense pressure of competing on the global stage, he decided to make it a day to remember.

The Preparation

In the days leading up to his birthday, TheShy worked diligently with his team to prepare for their upcoming matches. But in between scrims and strategizing sessions, he also planned a special surprise for his fans. He knew that the World Championship was not just about winning; it was also about connecting with the community that had supported him throughout his career.

The Surprise

During FunPlus Phoenix’s match against Team Liquid on TheShy’s birthday, a unique in-game message appeared across the screens of all spectators and participants: "Happy Birthday, TheShy!" The crowd erupted into cheers as fans at home took to social media to wish their favorite player a happy birthday.

But that was not all. After the match, TheShy took to the Rift once more, this time in a special showmatch against some of the best players from the League of Legends community. With his team cheering him on and the Worlds crowd behind him, TheShy put on a clinic, demonstrating why he was considered one of the best AD Carries in the world.

A Birthday to Remember

TheShy’s birthday performance at Worlds 2023 served as a reminder that age is just a number, and that passion, determination, and a little bit of showmanship can make even the most mundane moments unforgettable. The crowd left the event feeling inspired, and FunPlus Phoenix went on to win the tournament, securing their place in League of Legends history.