Three Non-MPL Teams Shining in the M3 World Championship

Subtitle: Discover the Surprising Contenders Defying the Odds

As the M3 World Championship continues to captivate audiences with its intensity and excitement, it’s important not to overlook the underdog teams that have defied expectations and made their mark on this prestigious stage.

Here are three non-MPL teams that deserve your attention:

  1. Team Heretics:
    This Spanish powerhouse has shown impressive resilience throughout the tournament, consistently delivering strong performances across all maps. With a roster featuring experienced veterans like Edouard ‘Redeem’ Dubourdeaux and up-and-coming talent such as Adan ‘Jesus’ Martinez, Team Heretics have proven they can compete with the best.
  2. Team Vitality:
    French squad Team Vitality has been a force to be reckoned with in recent months, making their M3 World Championship presence felt from the get-go. Boasting a lineup that includes star player Dan ‘zephiR’ Djurdjevic and the ever-improving Emilien ‘Namorock’ Macquet, Team Vitality has demonstrated a remarkable ability to adapt and overcome adversity.
  3. Team Liquid:
    American powerhouse Team Liquid, while not newcomers to the competitive scene, have shown an unexpectedly strong showing at this year’s M3 World Championship. With a roster boasting notable names like Jake ‘Boombox’ Tanner and Grant ‘AngelSmite’ Harris, Team Liquid has proven their ability to compete with the elite teams, solidifying their status as a team to watch.


While many focus on the MPL teams vying for the championship title, it’s essential not to overlook the impressive performances of these non-MPL teams. With their unyielding determination and skill, Team Heretics, Team Vitality, and Team Liquid are proving that they are more than worthy contenders in the M3 World Championship.