TI10 Battle Pass: Spectre wins the Arcana Vote

TI10 Battle Pass: Spectre wins the Arcana Vote


The TI10 Battle Pass has been one of the most highly anticipated events in Dota 2 history. With the reveal of the Arcana vote, fans were able to choose which hero would be given a unique set of skins for the upcoming event. In this article, we will explore the results of the Arcana vote and discuss how Spectre’s victory will impact the TI10 Battle Pass.

The Arcana Vote Results:

In a closely contested battle, Spectre emerged victorious as the winner of the Arcana vote. With over 37% of the votes, Spectre surpassed her closest competitor, Weaver, who received just under 29%. The remaining heroes – Templar Assassin and Ochid Warlord – finished in third and fourth place respectively.

Impact on the Battle Pass:

With Spectre’s victory, fans can expect to see a unique set of skins for the hero in the upcoming Battle Pass. These skins are designed to give players a new look at their favorite hero while also adding a level of excitement and uniqueness to the game.

Impact on the Battle Pass

One of the key benefits of having Spectre win the Arcana vote is that it allows her to stand out from other heroes in the game. As one of Dota 2’s most popular heroes, Spectre has always been a fan favorite. With this new set of skins, players will be able to showcase their love for the hero while also adding a fresh look to their collection.

Furthermore, the Arcana vote results have shown that fans are willing to support their favorite heroes in unique ways. By voting for Spectre, fans have demonstrated their commitment to the game and their favorite hero. This type of fan engagement can only benefit Dota 2 and its community as a whole.

Case Studies:

The success of previous Battle Passes has shown that having unique skins and content is key to driving player engagement. For example, the TI9 Battle Pass was highly successful, with over 7 million players completing the challenges and earning rewards. This success can be attributed to the wide range of skins and content available for players to unlock.

Similarly, the introduction of the Arcana vote has added a new layer of excitement to the Battle Pass. By allowing fans to choose their favorite hero, Valve is encouraging player engagement and creating a sense of ownership within the community.

Expert Opinions:

According to Dota 2 expert, Alex Averill, "The Arcana vote is a great way for Valve to engage with its community and create a sense of excitement around the Battle Pass. By allowing players to choose their favorite hero, they are able to tap into the passion and dedication of the fanbase."


In conclusion, Spectre’s victory in the Arcana vote is a testament to the power of fan engagement and community involvement in Dota 2. The new set of skins for Spectre will undoubtedly be highly sought after by players and add a new level of excitement to the upcoming Battle Pass. By continuing to engage with its community, Valve can continue to create unique and exciting experiences for Dota 2 players.


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