**Top Mage and Enchanter Supports Thriving in Patch 12.10: Empowering Your Team**

Dear Valued User,

You’ve asked about the top mage and enchanter supports that are thriving following League of Legends patch 12.10’s Durability Update. Let me share my insights with you, focusing on champions who bring unique strengths to their teams and adapt effectively in this new meta.

1. Janna, the Storm’s Eye – The Protector:
Janna excels as a support, offering crowd control and shielding abilities that ensure her allies stay alive during team fights.

Her kit includes "Zap!"

(Q) to stun enemies and knock them up with her monsoon tranquilization (E). Janna’s Monsoon (R) ultimate is perfect for initiating engagements, providing cover, or retreating when necessary.

2. Lulu, the Wandering Carefree:

The Enchanter:

Lulu’s kit focuses on crowd control and utility, making her an excellent choice for enchanting teammates. Her Pix (passive) allows her to charm enemies with basic attacks, while her Help, Puppies! (Q) can heal allies and grant them attack speed. Lulu’s ultimate, Wild Growth, empowers her team with bonus movement speed and shielding, making her an invaluable support.

3. Morgana, the Fallen One: The Control Mage:
Morgana shines as a mage support due to her ability to control the battlefield with crowd control spells and powerful CC ultimate. Her Q – Tormented Souls creates a zone of fear that makes enemy champions wary. Her W – Dark Binding roots enemies, making them easier for allies to engage or kill. Morgana’s R – Soul Shackles is an excellent initiation tool, binding enemies in place and allowing her team to deal damage without interference.

4. Seraphine, the Celestial Songstress: The Utility Enchanter:

Seraphine is a versatile support, offering utility and crowd control. Her kit includes a powerful area of effect healing spell with her Q – Stage Presence and a knockback ability with her W – Beacon of Hope. Seraphine’s ultimate, Overture, grants allies shielding and increased movement speed, making them harder to kill and easier to reposition during team fights.


These champions provide invaluable support to their teams through crowd control, healing, shielding, and utility. They adapt effectively to the new meta and continue to thrive as top mage and enchanter supports. Janna’s protective abilities, Lulu’s charm and empowerment, Morgana’s crowd control, and Seraphine’s area of effect healing are all crucial elements in ensuring victory for your team.

So there you have it – a list of top mage and enchanter supports that continue to excel following the patch 12.10 Durability Update. I hope this information helps you succeed in your upcoming games.