Twitch’s video quality drop in Korea is just the beginning


Twitch, the popular live streaming platform, has been experiencing video quality issues for some users in Korea. If you’re among those affected, this guide aims to provide insight into potential causes and possible solutions.

Network Infrastructure
One common reason for Twitch video quality drops is network infrastructure issues. In Korea, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) might experience congestion or inconsistencies that can impact streaming quality. Additionally, the distance between users and Twitch servers could also play a role in latency and buffering issues.

Hardware Compatibility
Another potential cause is hardware compatibility problems. Older devices, insufficient processing power, and outdated graphics cards may struggle to render high-quality video streams. For users in Korea, considering upgrading your computer or device can improve your streaming experience.

Software Issues
Twitch software bugs can also lead to video quality drops. Ensure that you have the latest version of Twitch desktop app or web player installed. If you’re using third-party software for streaming or watching, check their respective update logs for any known issues.

Internet Connection Stability
A stable and consistent internet connection is crucial for maintaining high video quality on Twitch. In Korea, inconsistent broadband speeds and frequent disconnections can lead to buffering and dropped frames. Consider contacting your ISP to report these issues and explore potential solutions.


In summary, various factors can contribute to Twitch’s video quality drops in Korea: network infrastructure, hardware compatibility, software issues, and internet connection stability. By addressing each of these areas, you may be able to improve your streaming experience on Twitch. Stay updated with platform announcements and community discussions for further information and potential solutions.