UBE strategy: Blacklist International’s secret weapon

I. Introduction

Blacklist International, a professional esports team based in the Philippines, has been making waves in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) scene with their unique and effective UBE (Underlord Ban Evade) strategy. In this text, we will delve into the intricacies of Blacklist International’s UBE strategy, providing you with a clear understanding of how they execute it successfully.


Understanding UBE in MLBB

UEB, or Underlord Ban Evade, is a tactical maneuver employed by teams to counter the enemy team’s ban of their preferred Underlord hero. By using alternative heroes and strategies, teams can circumvent the ban and maintain their advantage in the game.


Blacklist International’s UBE Heroes

A. Kimmaru (Banespan)

Blacklist International’s primary UBE hero is Kimmaru, otherwise known as Banespan. A marksman hero with excellent crowd control abilities, Kimmaru can effectively deal damage to enemy heroes and disrupt their positioning, giving Blacklist’s teammates the opportunity to engage.

B. Hylos (Terrox)

Hylos, or Terrox, is another hero in Blacklist International’s UBE roster. A mage hero with area of effect abilities, Hylos can control the battlefield and deal significant damage to enemies. His crowd control abilities also make him an effective initiator, allowing Blacklist to catch opponents off-guard.

C. Harith (Alucard)

Harith, or Alucard, is a versatile hero who excels both in solo lane and as a roamer. With his ability to quickly move around the map and deal significant damage, he can disrupt enemy rotations and create openings for Blacklist’s teammates.


Executing UBE: Strategies and Synergies

A. Early Game Rotations

Blacklist International utilizes their UBE heroes to create early game pressure and secure objectives, such as towers and jungle camps. By constantly rotating between lanes and ganking enemies, they can gain a significant advantage and set the stage for a successful mid-late game.

B. Team Composition

Blacklist’s team composition revolves around their UBE heroes’ abilities to deal damage, control crowds, and create openings for their teammates. They also prioritize heroes with strong initiating abilities and crowd control to maximize their impact in team fights.

C. Map Awareness and Communication

Effective map awareness and communication are crucial components of Blacklist International’s success. By constantly communicating with each other, they can coordinate ganks, respond to enemy movements, and secure objectives efficiently.

V. Summary: Adapting and Overcoming

Blacklist International’s UBE strategy is a testament to their adaptability and innovative approach to competitive MLBB. By understanding the game mechanics and utilizing alternative heroes and strategies, they can circumvent bans and maintain their competitiveness in the esports scene. As the game evolves, teams like Blacklist will continue to push boundaries and redefine what it means to be successful in MLBB.