**Uncovering the Filipino Talent in Genshin Impact**

Welcome, fellow enthusiasts! Today, we delve into a fascinating topic: the Filipino voice actors behind some beloved characters in Genshin Impact and the potential hints towards a new Philippine region in this popular role-playing game.

First, let’s introduce you to some of these talented individuals who have lent their voices to our favorite Genshin Impact characters:

  1. Vic Vargas – Voice of Ningguang, the Jade Sovereign and Traveler Alter Ego. Vic is a renowned Filipino voice actor known for his deep, powerful voice that perfectly suits Ningguang’s character.
  2. Janice de Belen – Voice of Mona, the Crystalline Navigator. Janice is an accomplished actress and singer in the Philippines, whose sweet yet quirky voice brings Mona to life.
  3. Markki Stroem – Voice of Childe, the Hydro Hypostasis and Traveler Alter Ego. Markki is a versatile voice actor who can handle both serious and comedic roles, making him an excellent choice for Childe.
  4. Katrina Halili – Voice of Keqing, the Luminescent Lancer. Katrina is a well-known Filipino actress, singer, and model, whose strong and assertive voice embodies the courageous and determined nature of Keqing.

Now that we have met some of these amazing voice actors, let’s explore the potential hints towards a new Philippine region in Genshin Impact:

Folklores and Mythologies

The existing Filipino characters often reference Filipino mythology and folklore. For instance, Ningguang is modeled after the Philippine goddess of gold, Makiling, while Mona seems inspired by the Manananggal, a legendary creature known for its ability to separate its torso from its lower body.

Environmental Features

Filipino voice actors have also hinted at various environmental features that could be part of a new Philippine region. For instance, Mona mentions "the rice terraces of the north," which might refer to the famous Banaue Rice Terraces in northern Luzon.

Cultural Elements

Filipino voice actors have also shared some intriguing cultural elements that could be part of a new Philippine region. For instance, Childe’s lines suggest a "festival of the dead," which is reminiscent of Filipino traditions such as All Souls’ Day and Halloween, where families pay tribute to their deceased loved ones.

In conclusion, the presence of Filipino voice actors and their hints towards Philippine folklore, environment, and culture in Genshin Impact are fascinating discoveries that fuel our curiosity about a potential new Philippine region in this captivating game.