**Understanding Faker’s Reason for Avoiding Thumbs Down Pose**

When asked about his reluctance towards performing the thumbs down pose, professional League of Legends player Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok has expressed his reasons on multiple occasions. In this response, we delve into Faker’s perspective on why he prefers not to engage in such actions.

**Reason 1: Maintaining a Positive Attitude**

Firstly, Faker believes that maintaining a positive attitude is essential both for himself and the team. By avoiding negative gestures like the thumbs down pose, he can set an example of sportsmanship and focus on improving his gameplay.

Quote from Faker: "I don’t want to give off a negative image to my fans or my opponents. Winning or losing is part of the game, but it’s important to always keep a positive attitude."

**Reason 2: Avoiding Distractions and Negative Energy**

Secondly, Faker argues that such gestures can be distracting and may negatively impact his performance. By eliminating unnecessary actions and focusing solely on the game, he believes he can reach peak performance more consistently.

Quote from Faker: "I want to devote my full energy to the game, and I believe that engaging in such gestures could distract me from my main goal: winning."

**Reason 3: Respecting Opponents and Showing Gratitude**

Lastly, Faker emphasizes the importance of respect towards opponents and showing gratitude for their efforts. By refusing to taunt or mock defeated opponents through gestures like the thumbs down pose, he maintains a professional attitude that sets an example for others in the League of Legends community.

Quote from Faker: "I believe that every opponent deserves respect and admiration for their skills and dedication. By focusing on sportsmanship and positivity, we can create a healthier gaming environment for everyone."

In conclusion, Faker’s reluctance towards the thumbs down pose is driven by his desire to maintain a positive attitude, avoid distractions, and respect opponents. Through these actions, he sets an example of professionalism and sportsmanship that goes beyond just League of Legends but resonates with fans and players alike.