**Unleashing the Power of Raven, Azucena, and Feng in Tekken 8**

As we eagerly await the release of Tekken 8, fans are already buzzing with excitement about the new moves and abilities of their favorite fighters. In this text, we’ll delve into the intricacies of Raven, Azucena, and Feng’s move lists, providing a unique and concise overview for each character.

**Raven: The Darkness Within**

Raven’s moves list in Tekken 8 introduces several new techniques that leverage his shadow manipulation abilities.

Shadow Sting: Raven thrusts his hand forward, releasing a wave of dark energy that damages opponents and briefly stuns them. (Mid Combo, Heavy)

Darkness Claw: Raven summons a claw made of shadows that extends from the ground, pulling enemies towards it for a powerful combo finish. (Ground Slam, Heavy)

Shadow Cloak: Raven envelops himself in a cloak of darkness, becoming invulnerable to attacks for a brief period. (Defensive Move, Light)

Shadow Reflection: Raven reflects an incoming projectile with his shadow, sending it back at the attacker. (Projectile Defense, Medium)

Raven’s moveset adds depth and strategy to his gameplay, making him a formidable force in the ring.

**Azucena: The Enchantress**

Azucena’s moves list in Tekken 8 showcases her mastery over voodoo magic and enchantments.

**Voodoo Doll:**

Azucena throws a voodoo doll at her opponent, which explodes upon contact or when the doll is hit, dealing damage to both the enemy and the doll. (Projectile, Light)


Azucena curses an area, inflicting various status effects on enemies who enter it. (Area Effect, Medium)

**Voodoo Slam:**

Azucena slams her opponent into the ground and follows up with a series of voodoo-infused strikes for significant damage. (Ground Combo, Heavy)

**Enchanted Claws:**

Azucena’s claws are imbued with powerful enchantments, dealing increased damage and leaving enemies vulnerable to further attacks. (Special Move, Heavy)

*Azucena’s moveset offers a unique blend of area control and crowd-control, making her an intriguing choice for strategic players.*

**Feng: The Monkey King**

*Feng’s moves list in Tekken 8 highlights his agility, speed, and mastery over martial arts.*

**Flying Kick:**

Feng jumps into the air and kicks downwards, dealing damage to opponents below him. (Air Combo, Medium)

**Chi Blast:** Feng channels his inner chi, unleashing a powerful energy blast that damages all enemies in front of him. (Area Effect, Heavy)

**Monkey Leap:** Feng jumps into the air and moves rapidly in any direction, evading attacks while closing the distance between himself and opponents. (Evasive Move, Light)

**Swift Wind Slice:** Feng dashes forward, slicing through enemies with his rapid strikes. (Dash Combo, Medium)

*Feng’s moveset emphasizes mobility, speed, and versatility, making him a dynamic fighter in Tekken 8.*

In conclusion, the move lists of Raven, Azucena, and Feng offer diverse gameplay experiences for players in Tekken 8. Each character boasts unique abilities that showcase their distinct strengths and strategies, adding depth and excitement to the game. Whether you’re a fan of shadow manipulation, voodoo magic, or martial arts agility, there’s a fighter for every playstyle in this upcoming installment.