**Unraveling Zhongli’s Material Needs:** A Comprehensive Guide for Players


Zhongli, the Geo vision wielder and the Archaic Beast, is a beloved character in MiHoYo’s Genshin Impact. To fully master this ancient scholar, players need to understand his material requirements for leveling up, creating new artifacts, and unlocking abilities. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore Zhongli’s essential materials.

Leveling Up Zhongli

To upgrade Zhongli from level 1 to level 90, players will require several types of resources. The primary material is Lilies. Players can collect these by interacting with the various Lily pads scattered around Teyvat. Additionally, Mora, the game’s currency, and XP Books are necessary to increase Zhongli’s level.

Creating New Artifacts for Zhongli

Crafting new artifacts for Zhongli is crucial as it significantly enhances his abilities. Two vital materials required in this process are Agate and Fillets. Agate enhances the Geo properties of artifacts, while Fillets boost their overall effectiveness. Players can acquire Agate from geo ruins found throughout Teyvat, while Fillets can be obtained by defeating enemies or through various quests.

Unlocking Abilities and Talents

Zhongli’s abilities, both passive talents and active skills, require specific materials for unlocking and upgrading. Bokuto is a crucial material for Zhongli’s talent progression. It can be obtained by defeating Hilichurls or by purchasing them from merchants in Mondstadt or Liyue Harbor. Additionally, players will need to collect Slime Condensate and Ley Line Geyser Core to upgrade his elemental skills.


Mastering Zhongli’s potential requires a good understanding of the materials necessary for his leveling up, artifact creation, and ability enhancement. By following this comprehensive guide, players can efficiently gather and utilize these resources, making their journey through Genshin Impact even more rewarding.